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Actress in the wings waiting to come on stage
Who Actors Work with on Theatre Jobs
What to expect in a theatre and the crew you may work with on a theatre job Creating a theatre performance requires dedication and a team of creatives – the crew start working together long before the actors utter their first lines. Not all theatre productions operate the same, and the number of crew members […]
The Industry
Amy McCallum in Outlander
My Casting Story: Joanne Thomson in ‘Outlander’

Scottish actor, writer and director Joanne Thomson tells us about her journey into acting and getting a role in historical drama ‘Outlander’ Joanne Thomson is a varied creative known for showcasing her talent on stage and screen, including in the BAFTA award-winning film, The Suffragettes, she has also written and will co-direct her short film […]

casting news
The Industry
Simba and Mufasa standing on Pride Rock in Disney's The Lion King show
Your Dream Roles Inspired by the Black British Theatre Award Nominations

Our favourite dream roles from the Black British Theatre Award nominations, submitted by Spotlight members The Black British Theatre Awards were established to highlight the influence of black British actors, performers and creatives in the UK Theatre industry held at the National Theatre on Sunday 29 October 2023.  To celebrate the 5th award ceremony, Spotlight […]

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musical theatre
The Essentials
Papers and pages and parcels spread on a table
Sean McGinley’s Tips for Learning Scripts

Advice from the ‘Braveheart’ actor on how to start your acting career and learn a script Donegal-born actor Sean McGinley has had a career that spans decades and roles in countless well-known productions, including Braveheart, Gangs of New York, Shetland, The Alienist, and, most recently, the independent film Wait for Me. We had the chance […]

soft skills
The Essentials
Eve Christie and Amber Murdoch standing by the water in 'River City'
How to Start Your Acting Career in Scotland

How to start your acting career in Scotland, find acting jobs and the expected cost of living in Edinburgh and Glasgow for 2023 Scotland is steeped in culture that goes way beyond its famous ceilidhs and iconic bagpipes. The country’s breathtaking scenery played the backdrop for films such as Harry Potter, Sunshine on Leith and […]

drama school
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Various plates containing healthy meals on a table
Nutrition Tips for Performers to Prevent Fatigue and Injury

What you should eat to boost your energy, stamina and recovery when acting and how to add variety to your diet Performers, we are artistic athletes. This means that we often have the same energy requirements as many athletes in professional sports but are in the unique position of having to balance those requirements with […]

soft skills
The Industry
BAFTA Scotland Awards 2023: The Full Winners List

‘Aftersun’, ‘Mayflies’ and Lauren Lyle win multiple awards at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2023 On Sunday 19 November 2023, the winners of the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2023 were announced during a ceremony in Glasgow. Hosted by presenter Edith Bowman, the awards celebrated the very best in film and TV talent from the past year, with […]