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The Industry
How to Get Started in Puppetry
Tips and advice for actors wanting to get started in puppetry, and what happens in a puppetry casting When you hear the term ‘puppetry’, you likely think of Sesame Street, The Muppets and other children’s educational shows. However, puppetry in theatre can be a powerful tool that allows actors to convey complex emotions and stories […]
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The Industry
The winners and finalists of the Semiramis Award 2023
The Winner of the ICDA Award 2023

We reveal the winner of the Semiramis Award for Excellence in Casting 2023, alongside the other finalists nominated by the ICDA The Semiramis Award 2023 was presented at Focus on 6 December 2023. Sponsored by Spotlight, the International Casting Directors Association (ICDA) established the ICDA Award in 2016. Now in its seventh year, the award […]

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The Industry
Crew working on a Western film set
Who Actors Work with in Film

What to expect on a film set and the crew you might work with Getting cast for a role in a film is the ultimate goal for many actors and despite the nerves, the first day on set is a rewarding experience. If you’re used to working in theatre or on a student film, the […]

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starting out
A group of young performers with their arms in the air
The Winners and Finalists for the Young Performer ‘Into the Spotlight’ Monologue Competition

We’re excited to announce the finalists and winners for the first ever Young Performer ‘Into the Spotlight’ monologue competition Following the amazing response we’ve had to our monologue competitions over the last year, we decided to launch the first ever Young Performer competition with three different age categories. Our Spotlight team watched every monologue performance, […]

young performer
Actors sitting and smiling at a Spotlight workshop
How to Make the Most of Your Spotlight Membership

All of the benefits of joining Spotlight and why a Spotlight membership is worth it Your Spotlight membership is more than just an online profile with access to exclusive breakdowns. It’s your gateway into the world of casting, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Here are all the ways in […]

The Essentials
Actress in the wings waiting to come on stage
Who Actors Work with on Theatre Jobs

What to expect in a theatre and the crew you may work with on a theatre job Creating a theatre performance requires dedication and a team of creatives – the crew start working together long before the actors utter their first lines. Not all theatre productions operate the same, and the number of crew members […]

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The Industry
Amy McCallum in 'Outlander'
My Casting Story: Joanne Thomson in ‘Outlander’

Scottish actor, writer and director Joanne Thomson tells us about her journey into acting and getting a role in historical drama ‘Outlander’ Joanne Thomson is a varied creative known for showcasing her talent on stage and screen, including in the BAFTA award-winning film, The Suffragettes, she has also written and will co-direct her short film […]

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