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The Industry

We asked last year’s Spotlight Prize nominees what advice they would give to anyone preparing for a showcase. Here’s what they said…

Look at it as an opportunity to do what you love doing. Nothing more. Get in there and have fun. Bounce some ideas around and bring some to the table.
Adam Isla O’Brien
Look far and wide for inspiration. But make the showcase work for you. Do things on your own terms. Trust your gut.
Adam Woolley
Pick a piece that lights you up inside, a piece that you’re passionate about, and be you.
Alistair Nwachukwu
Pick a piece that speaks to your core values, and/or a character you want to play. If it’s the first one you think of, that’s okay! It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and the words you want to say, in my opinion.
Amber Lin
Just enjoy it!!! Forget about what comes after or who’s watching. At the end of the day, you are acting and sharing something special so relish in it! Try not to overthink. The best version of you will be the one where your head is clear and you are able to play freely and openly. Trust yourself. Trust in the process. You’re fab, don’t forget it!
Charlotte Deverell
Identify your casting and find something that is grounded, highlight qualities that you already possess rather than demonstrate ones you think people want.
Curtis Kemlo
Pick your material wisely. Don’t do something you’ve written unless you want to give yourself an even harder time! Choose a very good speech/scene and be bold. It’s your work, no one else’s. It belongs to you for the time you’re speaking the words, so make sure you don’t give that up. No one will argue with your work if it is fully owned. Work with integrity, heart and, above all else, give the audience a good time.
Dan Wolff
What I would say is trust yourself. Trust that you are there for a reason and that you have something to offer that is your truth, the rest doesn’t matter.
Darragh Hand
I think just choose a piece because you love it, not because you think it will show you can act. And also just be aware everyone wants you to do well!
Elan Butler
Just to know your piece back to front and inside out, to relax, and to let yourself find something new in it every time.
Honi Cooke
Choose a piece that you are passionate about, that you love to perform and that you want to share with others.
Joséphine Callies
Take it seriously but RELAX! Enjoy the experience and just be thankful, no matter what the results are!
Khrystalle Moriah
Be 100% yourself, no one can do you the way you do you. And without you there wouldn’t be someone who thinks and acts like you. Pick a piece that you connect with, not just because it makes you look or sound good but because it makes you excited every time you rehearse it or go over it. Be honest with yourself, in terms of what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses, out of those things what do you want to showcase (since it is a showcase). I would say find someone who can help you iron out any blind spots you may have when performing. Let the piece you have chosen sit and breath naturally within you, because it makes my last point so much easier. Have FUN with it.
Kudzai Mangombe
Just remember why you do this, because you… we love it! And with that in mind go and have fun. We are the fortunate few who get to know what it is we want/are destined to do in life, why waste that? The jobs will come, the people will come – God’s got you.
Lionelle Nsarhaza
Let it be business as usual. Just forget it’s for a showcase and approach the character as someone you’re just trying to get to know.
Loré Adewusi
Don’t try and guess what people want to see. Be true to yourself and go with your gut instinct.
Lucy Carter
Just breathe and take everything in stride, it’s not any different to working on any other piece, don’t worry about the stakes and just focus on bringing the best out of yourself. Enjoy it.
Raj Khera
Relax. Do the work but don’t stress. Easier said than done, but if we work with honesty and love for the craft, we can never be wrong.
Sam Peace
To be flexible with the material you bring. Come to the meeting with offerings and choices but be ready and excited by the idea of doing it totally differently on the day.
Sha Dessi

Well done once again to all the nominees! More industry tips and advice can be found on our website.