An update from Spotlight

We wanted to give you an update on a recent incident where a controversial breakdown was posted on Spotlight.

Since this happened there has been a full review and additional processes are now in place, with more planned for the future, to try and ensure that a similar situation does not happen again. 

It was clear there was a poor choice of wording regarding the casting requirements. We have worked with the party posting the breakdown to ensure this situation doesn’t occur again.

We are committed to giving all our members the best service we can, and that includes maintaining professional standards. You can help us to monitor this by contacting us via [email protected] or by using the report concern button.

We have always worked closely with key industry organisations and championed the concerns of those using our services and we are now bringing these groups together to form an industry-wide working group. The Spotlight Industry Working Group represents performers, agents and casting directors and is an opportunity for us all to collaborate and drive positive debates and recommendations around concerns within the industry. 

The Industry Working Group met for the first time in October and has already begun work on a code of practice for casting breakdowns. This group will be meeting regularly to cover other areas such as pay, standards, diversity, equality and elitism.

Alongside supporting our performers with advice, events and one-to-one’s we also offer a range of development opportunities for agents and casting directors, including our recent Industry Forum event, which covered a wide range of areas from contracts and negotiating to unconscious bias, inclusive terminology and how to handle nudity and intimacy safely and appropriately at auditions, on set or on stage.

We continue to work hard to help improve industry standards in any way we can. More improvements are coming soon and we welcome all feedback - please contact us on [email protected] with any requests.

Published: 18 November 2019