Spotlight and NYT Summer School Taster Day

This summer, in association with The National Youth Theatre (NYT), we are running a taster session for Spotlight members, with a view to holding summer schools in the coming years. 

Day 1- Workshop 15 smiling.jpg

Friday 25th August 11 am - 5 pm

Summer School Taster Day
This session will include a workshop with NYT associate Kane Husbands (The Pappy Show), will explore the types of training available to children and young performers. This will be followed by a panel discussion around drama school training, NYT training programmes, and how to develop a career after training. The panel will be chaired by Ellie Samuels, Spotlight’s Children and Young performers expert. Ellie has extensive experience in the industry as a performer in musical theatre, as a dance teacher at Pineapple Studios and over 14 years working at Spotlight. Ellie will be joined by a recent drama school graduate, a member of the NYT, and a lecturer from an acting course.