Spotlight Open House Diorama Arts Centre: Wednesday 5th April

We want to make sure our Open House events can cater to all of our members. That's why we're holding a day of workshops at the Diorama Arts Centre, a fully-accessible venue in London.

Our members who identify as D/deaf or disabled will be given priority booking for these sessions.

We'll also be livestreaming some of the sessions throughout the week, meaning that you can get involved with Open House wherever you're based.

Take a look at what's on offer online here: Spotlight Open House April 2017 Livestreams.

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Wednesday 5 April 11:00-13:00

Audition Workshop with Andy Pryor CDG at Diorama Arts Centre
This will be an active workshop specifically for any actors who identify as D/deaf or disabled.
It's important to feel prepared before an audition and turn up feeling ready to perform at your best. Practice makes perfect, therefore we've enlisted the help of casting director Andy Pryor CDG to demystify the audition process and help you nail the perfect audition technique for your next role. You’ll get the opportunity to audition in front of Andy and the group and have your performance critiqued. ***This event is fully accessible.*** SOLD OUT

Wednesday 5 April 14:00-16:00

Casting for Comedy with Rick Laxton at Diorama Arts Centre
This will be an active workshop specifically for any actors who identify as D/deaf or disabled.
The focus of this workshop will be casting for TV comedy, where you'll work with casting director Rick Laxton, learning the process and skills needed to approach comedy scripts. You'll be sent scenes to prepare before the session. Get prepared for a fun-filled and active workshop! ***This event is fully accessible.*** SOLD OUT
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Wednesday 5 April 17:00 - 18:00

Q&A with Beatrice Ray and Kate Staddon
Priority booking will be given to actors who identify as d/deaf or disabled.
As part of Spotlight Open House, agent Kate Staddon from Curtis Brown and casting assistant Beatrice Ray will be hosting a Q&A at Diorama Arts Centre. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions you may have about approaching agents, what to look for in an agency, how to interact with casting directors, ask advice on the audition process and much more! ***This event is fully accessible.***