Spotlight Open House London: Wednesday 5th April

Spotlight Open House is back! Kicking off on Monday 3rd April is a jam-packed week of workshops, Q&As and one-to-ones led by top industry professionals working across all areas of film, television and theatre. 

Most of the events will be taking place at our Spotlight Studios and at 12 Bow Street, Dublin. We'll also be livestreaming some of the sessions, meaning that you can get involved with Open House wherever you're based.

Take a look at what's on offer online here: Spotlight Open House April 2017 Livestreams.

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Wednesday 5 April 14:30-17:30

SOLD OUT. Introduction to Motion Capture Workshop at Diorama Arts Centre
This workshop has now sold out.
This workshop is for actors and physical performers who are willing to have a go at playing with creature performance, with particular emphasis on creating for motion capture. We will look at how the analysis of creature behaviour, inspired by Laban Movement Analysis, can inspire physical choices and performance techniques. Many Films and even the TV and Games industries require the actor to create non-human, animalistic and other worldly characters. This class will give you the space to play, create, have fun and explore using games and exercises from which to inspire physical and creative choices. We shall discuss the basic principles of Motion Capture performance and which physical aspects we need to consider when creating with motion capture.

Wednesday 5 April 18:30-20:30

SOLD OUT. Rhyme and Reason Shakespeare Workshop
This workshop has now sold out.
Why do Shakespeare characters rhyme and sometimes not? Do you acknowledge it or try to ignore it? What does it say about the emotional state of your character? A practical, text-centred workshop looking at rhythm and rhyme and the reasons behind it in some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. The workshop will be held by Emily Jenkins. Emily spent 5 years as Head of the prestigious Poel Event, an organisation providing free Shakespeare training to professional actors on stage at the National Theatre.

Wednesday 5 April 18:45-20:15

SOLD OUT. Audition Workshop with Casting Assistant Sarah Wilson
This workshop has now sold out.
No one wants to turn up to an audition feeling unprepared. Therefore, we’ve enlisted the help of established casting assistant Sarah Wilson to demystify the audition process and help you nail the perfect audition technique for your next role. This will be an active workshop where you’ll get the opportunity to audition in front of Sarah and the group and have your performance critiqued. You'll be given scenes to prepare before the workshop. Sarah is a successful casting assistant having worked with renowned casting director Fiona Weir for several years.