The Spotlight Podcast: How to Crowdfund Your Next Project

A guide for all creatives: crowdfund your big idea and turn it into reality!

Spotlight talks to Kickstarter's Gemma Seltzer all about how you as a creative can turn your vision into reality. Create your own work by getting the money you need, using crowdfunding.

We talk about what projects work well on crowdfunding platforms, how to make sure your project stands out, what you'll need to think about and prepare to succeed in your funding efforts, and lots more. 

Gemma not only works with artists at Kickstarter, but also previously worked at Arts Council England and runs the Write and Shine early morning writing sessions. 

Read more on Kickstarter at their website and check out their Creator Handbook as a great place to start with your own project funding. Gemma also mentions a great resource called A Creative Person's Guide to Thoughtful Promotion

Take a listen (35 mins):

Got more questions you want answered in an upcoming podcast? Email us at [email protected]. Find Gemma on Twitter @gemseltz.