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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

This meditation is designed to help you to grow and expand your creativity through connecting with the breath and the body.

We’ll also get curious about the range of our creativity and how this can be expanded by the connection we have with ourselves.

This guided meditation was written for one of our new Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every few weeks. If you’re a Performer member you can take advantage of these free sessions (please ensure you’re opted in to receive our emails for upcoming dates and booking information).

32 minute listen. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones.

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Meditation Transcript

Bea Grist, Health and Wellbeing Manager: Hello my name is Bea and I’m the Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager at Spotlight. In this meditation we’ll be exploring the idea of the range of creativity and how getting fully present and connected to ourselves can really grow and expand our creativity. We know that connection encourages creativity and creativity encourages connection. These two things are inextricably linked. I’m recording this meditation just after the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and it marks this time of the year when the days and nights are the same length, so maybe just notice the balance and interaction between creativity and connection in your life. This session is designed to help you to grow your creativity through connecting with the breath and the body. We’ll also get curious about the range of our creativity and how this can be expanded by the connection we have with ourselves.

This is YOUR time. It’s your time to pause, to reflect, and to just be. There is nothing you need to do, apart from be present.

So let’s take some time first to just get comfortable.
So just making any small adjustments that you need
And know that a comfortable seat today
may feel different to a comfortable seat yesterday or even 10 minutes ago
We’re always in a constant state of flux for many, many reasons
So I’d like to invite you to really consider what’s going to feel best for you today.
It might be leaning or snuggling up against a wall
It might even be lying down
Just take a moment to check in with yourself now
What does your body need to feel comfortable and supported for these next 25 minutes?
And I’ll just give you a minute now
so no need to rush
And if you’re wearing shoes
Maybe taking them off
Just taking your time to find a position and a space that works for you

There’s nowhere to get to.
There’s nothing you need to prove.
And when you arrive
Let’s take a deep breath in
And let’s sigh it out
And let’s do that again
Taking a nice slow deep breath in through your nose
And releasing the breath through the mouth
If you’re sitting
Just ensuring that your back is straight
Allowing your spine to follow it’s natural curves
Feeling the body pressing down
that sense of support
From whatever is underneath you.

Just take a moment to acknowledge yourself
For being here today
For pressing play on this meditation
For showing up for yourself
You’ve done the hard part
You’re here

And by being here you are choosing to put yourself first.
When we take this time to pause
We resource ourselves
Which means we’re much more able to tap into our creativity
So maybe a perspective to try on today is that these meditations are part of your actors’ toolkit
A way to connect to yourself
And your infinite creativity
By taking this time to breathe
You are nourishing your creativity.
And It is often in the quiet spaces between our thoughts
That inspiration comes.

And for now, I’d like to invite you to keep your eyes open
Just taking in the space and your surroundings
With a gentle soft gaze
Maybe noticing the temperature of the room
The texture of your clothes against your skin
Perhaps the colours in the space
The sounds around you
Maybe sounds far away such as traffic, people talking, dogs barking or maybe an aeroplane overhead?
And sounds nearer too maybe you can hear the heating or air conditioning, the television or people in your house, maybe the sound of your own breath?

Just be curious, taking in whatever you notice
Just becoming aware of all the sensations you’re feeling through your senses

Try to think of one thing you’re grateful for today
Perhaps something that made you smile
Maybe a hug or a message from someone special
Or perhaps the sunshine on your skin.

And if you notice your mind drifting off
gently place your attention back on the breath
and that space that you’re creating, just by breathing.
Breathing into the moment
Breathing into the space
Being the space.

And just closing the eyes now if that feels ok
Or if you prefer, just softening or lowering your gaze
Becoming aware of the air flowing in
and out of your nose or mouth
We’re not trying to change it – we’re just noticing.

Following it all the way in
And all the way out
Becoming aware of the temperature of the air as it enters the body
And as it leaves the body

Noticing the quality of the breath
Is it shallow or deep?
Is it long or short?
Just sensing
And being curious.

And with each breath feel a sense of creating space.
Space in the body
Space in the mind
Space to just be here now
In this moment.

As you breathe in and out
Feel the breath just gently caressing and calming your nervous system
By taking this time
We’re starting the process of knitting ourselves back together
Creating space

And when we connect to space
we can tap into the full range of who we are
And our creativity.

And if it works for you
Imagine the breath
As your creativity
Just allowing it to flow freely in and out
Cultivating a sense of space and freedom
Freedom to be
To play
To create
Notice how you do not need to try
The breath just is
It supports you
It’s natural and easy.

As you breathe
Notice the balance of the breath
How you cannot have an in-breath without an out-breath
There is an equilibrium
A equality
One breath always follows the other
What can the breath teach us about creativity?

Bringing some gentle awareness to your chest and your heart space now
Just noticing what’s coming up
And if any feelings, emotions or sensations to come to the surface
Know that’s a really normal and healthy thing
So really welcome them
Almost like drawing out a chair for an old friend.

Let’s take a deep breath in here
Maybe giving yourself permission
To release any lingering, unwanted thoughts or perhaps judgements

Just anything from your day or morning that isn’t serving you anymore
Just arriving into this moment.
So let’s spend a bit of time relaxing the body now
Softening the shoulders down

Allowing them to melt away from the ears
Maybe rolling them forwards or backwards a few times
Feeling your shoulders getting heavier and softer
As any tension is soothed away

Just letting your body know that you are safe
And it’s ok to let go and relax.

And just imagine warm droplets of water
Very gently running down your neck
And down your arms
Feeling those gentle droplets
soothing and softening
the neck
the shoulders
Feel the whole body getting heavier.

Softening into your face and your jaw
It might feel nice to just gently massage the jaw
Giving it permission to soften

letting go of any tension here
Letting your arms and hands fall softly wherever is comfortable for you
Just making any small movements that are needed now
And trusting that your body will tell you what it needs.

And taking a moment to check in with yourself


Accepting whatever is here for you
And really welcoming it.
Bringing some awareness to your body again now
Feeling the presence of your body in the space
Noticing how the body feels
And the weight of the body pressing down
Maybe any areas that might be calling out for your attention
Areas that may feel tight, sore or perhaps unsettled
With gentleness and compassion

Breathe into those areas
Allowing the breath to gently ease them.

Just scanning down from the top of your head
To your toes
With a gentle loving awareness
Sensing into the full range of feelings and sensations in the body

Feeling into any parts of the body that might be feeling tense or perhaps tight or rigid
And feeling into any parts that might be feeling more open and relaxed
Noticing the temperature of the body

Can you feel the air around your body?
Let’s take a slow deep breath in
Hold it for a moment
And slowly release it with a long exhale

Let’s do that again
Breathing in deeply through the nose
Holding it
And this time sighing it out

Feeling your body getting softer and heavier with each breath.
Your only job today is to pay attention
There is nothing else you need to do

And if thoughts creep in
Please know that’s normal
It’s the nature of the mind to wander
So when it does just bring your attention gently back

To your breath
To my voice

I’m going to give you some mantras
to focus on as you breathe

Mantras can help to soothe the nervous system
As they give the mind something to focus on
Helping us to feel more calm and centred

Some of these mantras may resonate
Others may not
That’s ok
You may feel drawn to some
And perhaps feel resistance towards others
That’s ok
Just notice what comes up for you
All you need to do is breathe normally

So let’s begin:

When I breathe in, I feel energized
When I breathe out, I feel relaxed.
When I breathe in, I feel supported.
When I breathe out, I feel free.
When I breathe in, I feel connected.
When I breathe out, I feel focused.
When I breathe in, I feel happy.
When I breathe out, I feel peaceful.
When I breathe in, I feel ready.
When I breathe out, I feel content.
When I breathe in, I feel hopeful.
When I breathe out, I feel satisfied.
When I breathe in, I’m filled with ideas.
When I breathe out, I’m ready to create.

So just letting go any expectations
Or a need to feel a certain way
Wherever you are
You’re doing great.

Notice if there is a mantra that you’re particularly drawn to
And just continuing to breathe
Following the breath all the way in and all the way out

If your mind starts to wander
gently place your attention back on your breath.
You can always come back to the breath.
Breathing in space
Breathing in creativity
Feeling how every inhale creates space for possibilities
For new opportunities
For taking a chance or maybe even taking risks that excite you.

Connecting to your breath
Being fully immersed in the sensations of breathing
Knowing that the more attention we pay to our own experience

The better chance we have of connecting to others

As James Joyce says:
“The closer attention I pay to my particular, the better chance I have of reaching into yours.”

What wisdom does the breath have about creativity?
How can you make more space to breathe?
Space to breathe
Space to be
Space to allow

Creativity is bringing something new into the world.
Every time you breathe you are bringing something new into the world

And perhaps the more you lean into the present moment
The more you will find that it supports your creativity
As you breathe
Call to mind the desire
or the impact you wish to have on the world.

Breathe it in
Feel it filling you up
Connect to that sense of fire, warmth and passion within you
To your infinite creativity
Knowing that every time you are present
And you allow yourself to take this time
You are giving space to your creativity.

So let’s take a few minutes to contemplate your creativity:

What creativity is buried deep within you that is yearning to be uncovered?

How could a deeper connection to yourself allow this creativity to come to the surface?

And just staying curious
remembering there is no right or wrong
only what is here for you
There is only here and now

By showing up here today
you’re choosing to connect to your creativity
to your essence.

By showing up here today
you’re giving yourself permission to slow down
and to just be.

Today is an invitation to be in loving awareness with yourself
With your breath
and the love within you.

And as you continue to breathe deeply
Know that today is an invitation to connect back to yourself
to connect to every beautiful cell of your being
Today is an invitation to connect to your core
to your heart.

Today is a reminder of all the love and wisdom you hold within you
Today is a reminder that everything you need is here
Today is a reminder that you are whole.
Today is a reminder that your creativity is as natural and effortless as your breath.

We are slowly and very gently going to bring this meditation to a close.
So let’s take a deep breath in here
And then sign it out
Let’s do that again
So nice deep breath in here
And then sign it out
And then very slowly begin to bring some gentle movement back into the body
So maybe beginning by wiggling your fingers and toes
And then maybe stretching your arms and shoulders
Perhaps taking a nice wake-up stretch
Feeling into the range of moment in the body
Maybe stretching from side-to-side
Just listening to your body and what it needs to come back
Giving yourself plenty of time and space
Just becoming aware of how the body feels
If you’re lying down, rolling on to your side before you sit up
When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes to return to this space
Thank yourself for taking this time to look after yourself.

Main Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash