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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

This meditation is designed to help with envy and how with conscious awareness we can use this energy to move forward.

Feelings of envy or jealousy can come up a lot when you’re an actor or performer but it’s usually just a sign that you care deeply about something. In small doses envy can actually motivate us to move towards what we want.

This guided meditation was inspired by our Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every few weeks. If you’re a Performer member you can take advantage of these free sessions (please ensure you’re opted in to receive our emails for upcoming dates and booking information).

18 minute listen.

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Meditation Transcript:

Bea Grist, Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager: Hello and a really warm welcome to this meditation on envy. My name is Bea and I’m the Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager at Spotlight.

We all experience envy. It’s only human. Often these feelings can come out of the blue. Perhaps you woke up feeling ok and then something happened to trigger you. Maybe you saw something on social media, or someone you worked with years ago has popped up on TV when you were minding your own business and it’s unruffled you.

Whatever your reason for selecting this meditation, I want you to know that all of your feelings are valid and it’s ok to feel whatever you are feeling.

Envy is simply pointing us to what we really want and it’s usually a sign that we care deeply about something. In small doses, envy can actually motivate us to move towards what we want. So that’s what we’re going to be exploring in this meditation today.

So let’s begin in a comfortable seat of your choice

Try to find a position that feels good and supportive

You may like to have a cushion behind your back to help you to sit up tall

You may prefer to lie down

Please just find a space where you can properly settle in for these next 15 minutes or so.


This is your time

This is your space

This is your meditation

So please always listen to what you need

And if at any point you want to move or make any adjustments

Then please just do so.


And if you’re sitting up

Just aligning your head over your heart

And your heart over your pelvis

If you’re lying down

Tuck your chin in so your neck is nice and long.


Let’s bring one hand to our heart space

And our other hand to our low belly or stomach

And just allow your eyelids to get heavy

Closing the eyes

And just take a moment to arrive into this space

Whatever that means for you.


This is time to reset, to reconnect

And to remember that you are important.


As we begin to tune in to yourself

Trust that you made the right choice

To listen to this meditation

And know that by being here you are prioritising your wellbeing

And what really matters to you.


Know that you matter too

And your feelings matter

Sometimes we can label our feelings as negative or ‘bad’

But envy is just a feeling

It’s neither good or bad

It just is.


So wherever you are
let’s take a deep breath

Whatever has gone on for you so far today

And let it all go


And imagine a chair has been pulled out in front of you

And as you sit on this chair

You have full permission to come as you are

However you’re feeling today

I want you to really allow the envy to be here in this space

Because it is so, so welcome.


This is your safe space

Where you can turn inwards

And greet whatever is there

The dark as well as the light

Sometimes we feel we have to hide certain parts of ourselves

Emotions, feelings, behaviours perhaps

We can hold those parts of ourselves as separate

Which means that we don’t get to be curious about what these parts are telling us

It’s all information

Which we can choose to hold in a loving non-judgemental way


Let’s take another deep breath in

And just allow your hands to settle

Wherever is comfortable

Maybe at your sides or on your knees

Maybe fingertips resting gently on your ribs if you’re on your back

Keeping your eyes closed or your gaze soft

Relaxing your tongue in your mouth

Take a deep breath in

Fill your belly with air

And as you exhale

Relax your shoulders down


So starting at the top of the head

Just very slowly scanning down through the body

Paying attention to any parts of the body that might be feeling tight or tense or anywhere you might be gripping or holding on

And just send some love into those places

Letting them soften a bit more

Let them know it’s ok to let go and relax


Inhale in deeply

And exhale out completely


And with each breath

Allow the body to soften even more

Sending the breath to those parts

That might be in need of some tender loving care

Perhaps the stomach, or the shoulders, maybe the hips

Just breathing space and softness into the body.


And if the mind starts to wander at any point

That’s perfectly ok

Just notice

And then gently bring it back to your breath

To my voice


Breathing in

Welcoming in any feelings and emotions that might be coming to the surface

Breathing out

Giving those feelings and emotions full permission to be here.


Bring your attention to your heart space now

Noticing any sensations or feelings that might be here

Just simply acknowledging them

Letting them know it’s ok to be here


Breathing in

Welcoming whatever is arising

Breathing out

Acknowledging whatever is here


Knowing there is no right or wrong

All your feelings are valid and welcome.


Bring to mind the feelings of envy or perhaps jealousy
that brought you to this meditation

Notice where in the body you feel them most strongly

And with a gentle loving curiosity

Imagine that you’re opening your arms to the feeling

Almost like hugging an old friend that you haven’t seen for a long time.


Welcome the feeling and let it know you’re listening

And then see yourself sitting down with the feeling

Notice what this feeling is calling you towards

It has information for you


This is simply a process of getting really curious
Without judgement

How heavy is this feeling?

Is it as heavy as a bag of sugar or maybe it feels like a backpack full of rocks? Perhaps this feeling is lighter or heavier than that. Just notice. There is no right or wrong.

Now listening very carefully, notice if this feeling has a sound. Perhaps it’s loud and distracting or maybe it’s quiet and subtle.

Finally, notice if there are any colours, shapes or images that go with this feeling. Does it have a texture? Is there anything else interesting about it?


We’re just noticing with a loving awareness what is here.


What do you get from experiencing this feeling outside of yourself?


Envy is a very normal human emotion which we all experience. Very often it is pointing us to what we really care about. ASk yourself these two questions and listen very carefully to the answer:

What is it that really matters to you in this life?

How could you use the energy of envy to move towards what you really want?


Maybe it’s about being a little braver or perhaps taking a risk. It could be calling you to be more vulnerable or honest with yourself or the people around you. It could simply be about accepting where you’re at, without judgement.


Keep breathing and noticing what comes up for you.

And know that resistance may come up as well.

And if it does, welcome it.

There is no right way to feel.

So wherever you are, you’re doing great.


Let’s take a deep breath in

And a slow long breath out.


You are worthy of love

And you are worthy of all those things that really matter to you.


If you’re on your back

Just tucking your chin again to lengthen through the back of your neck

If you’re seated, use your next inhale to lift your heart space a little bit more.


When you’re ready

Gently bring your palms together at your heart

Or if you prefer gently placing your hands on your heart or belly

Take a moment to notice how you feel.

And when you’re ready slightly lift the corners of your mouth

Allowing yourself to smile just a little

Take a deep breath in

And a long breath out.

When we allow ourselves to feel, we can heal.

By listening to this meditation, you are creating space to do just that.

Thank yourself for taking this time to be with your feelings

That’s a courageous and powerful thing to do.

Main photo by Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash