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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

This guided meditation is designed to listen to before you’re going into an audition to help you feel calm and confident.

As well as listening to the meditation pre-audition, you may also find it helpful if you’re about to do a self-tape or simply want to take a moment for yourself on set. In fact you can listen to this meditation at any time in your life when you want to feel calm, confident and grounded and in touch with your true self.

10 minute listen. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones.

You may also find it helpful to listen to this post-audition meditation, designed to support you to develop a positive post-audition mindset.

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These guided meditations are inspired by our new Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every week. If you’re a Performer, Graduate or Young Performer 18+ member you can take advantage of these free sessions by booking a slot via our newsletter so please ensure you’re opted in to receive our emails.

Meditation Transcript

Bea Grist, Health and Wellbeing Manager:

So, this meditation is great to listen to
Before you’re going into an audition or a performance
You may also find it helpful if you’re about to do a self-tape
or if you want to take a moment for yourself on set
In fact you can listen to this meditation
At any time in your life when you
Want to feel calm, confident and grounded
And in touch with your best self
Because your best self is your true authentic self

So these 10 minutes are just for you
You may be waiting to audition right now
Perhaps you’re sitting in a waiting room
Or maybe you’re at home about to do a self-tape
Wherever you are just find a comfortable position
Making any adjustments that are needed
Ensure that your back is straight
Feel your feet on the floor
Visualise these grounding roots
growing out from your feet into the earth
And feel that sense of a solid foundation
A feeling of being gently held and supported by the earth

And before you do anything else
Just take a big inhale here
And just hunch your shoulders forwards and up towards your ears
And breathe out and roll your shoulders away from your ears
Pressing gently backwards
so that your shoulder blades move towards each other
Like a big shoulder roll
And just do that a few more times if it feels good

Feel a soft openness in the jaw muscles
You may want to just gentle massage around the jaw
to help release any tension that might be there
Soften your face
Relaxing the small muscles around your eyes
Letting your tongue gently rest at the bottom of your mouth

And just notice how you are feeling right now

You’re here
You’ve made it.

Know that whatever is here right now for you
it it really welcome.

Tension, excitement, nervous energy or perhaps anxiety.
It’s all ok.
Just notice without judgement what is here
There is nothing you need to fix or change
Just be with whatever is here
With loving curiosity
You’ve got this.

Take a deep breath in through your nose
and release the breath through your mouth with a sigh
Just seeing where you might be holding
any tension, tightness or perhaps excitement
We’re just noticing what is here.

Take another breath,
and as you breathe out
feel a current of gentle awareness
begin to soften through your whole body

Let your body know that it is safe
And allow this loving awareness to soothe
any parts of your body that might be trying to hold on
Give those parts permission to soften a little
Almost like holding up a warm hand to a sheet of ice
Feel any tension and tightness melt away

And if your mind starts to wonder
Know that it’s ok
It’s normal
Just gently notice and bring it back to my voice

Know that you have all that you need
Right now in this moment
Nerves and excitement are really the same thing
So know that it’s all ok
You are where you’re meant to be
Just let go of any expectations you may have
Trust yourself
Trust your intuition

You are here
And you are ready to create
This place is where you belong
It is your home
Your natural habitat
This is what you were born to do
This is where you are most in touch with who you are

And all your need to do is take a deep breath here
And release
There is nothing you need to think about
Nothing you need to do
Just breathe
You’ve got this
And if the mind starts to wonder
Away from the present moment
Just gently bring it back to my voice

You are safe
You are supported

Take another deep breath now
And release slowly

You have done the work
You are prepared
All that you need is inside you
You know enough
You are enough
You have enough
You do not need any more or any less

All you need to do is to just listen and trust
And ride the river of your intuition
Because you’ve got this
Say to yourself now

Allow that positive energy to spread throughout your body
Feeling a sense of lightness and ease

Feel the joy of stepping into the space that you love
Enjoy the trust and support of everyone around you
You are doing what is natural and easy for you
It feels great
All you need to do is enjoy this experience.

So just becoming aware of any sounds
That might be around you
Maybe noticing the temperature of the room
Feeling your feet on the floor
And when you’re ready open your eyes
Bring some gentle movement back into your body
Go and enjoy this time – it is time for you
You’re going to be great.

Main photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash