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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

In this meditation we spend some time getting grounded and centred by relaxing the whole body before going on a short journey to a place of inner-silence and calm.

In this meditation we explore our relationship with silence. Is silence something you welcome into your life? How does silence make you feel? Can you think about a time in your life when silence felt like a gift? In this 20 minute meditation we spend some time getting grounded and centred by relaxing the whole body before going on a short journey to a place of inner-silence and calm.

20 minute listen. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones on.

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This guided meditation was written for one of our new Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every few weeks. If you’re a Performer member you can take advantage of these free sessions by booking a spot via our newsletter if you’re opted in to receive our emails.

Meditation Transcript

Bea Grist, Health and Wellbeing Manager:

So sometimes life can be loud and messy

We can feel overwhelmed and overstimulated

So in today’s meditation we will be discovering

a place of inner silence, peace and solitude


And that is what our Powerful Pause is all about

It’s an invitation to step off the treadmill for 45 minutes

To put down the ‘to do’ list

To take this time for yourself

Because when we resource and nourish ourselves

We’re much more able to be present in our lives

And to support those we love and care about


We all have a silent inner observer within us

It is the part of us that simply witnesses what is unfolding

without judgement

It is the part of us that allows us to listen with compassion

And to be really present in our lives

When we connect with our inner observer

We find it easier to connect with our wisdom and intuition

It is a place where we trust ourselves

So in today’s meditation we will practice

connecting with our silent Observer


Knowing that the more times we connect with it

The easier it gets

Almost like carving out a new path to a cabin in the forest

The path becomes easier to find

Once it is well-trodden


So let’s find a comfortable seat

And know that a comfortable seat today

may feel different to a comfortable seat yesterday or even an hour ago

We are always in a constant state of flux for so many reasons

So i’d like to invite you to really consider what’s going to feel best

It might be leaning or snuggling up against a wall

It might even be lying down

Just take a moment to check in with yourself now

What does your body need to feel comfortable, supported and safe?


And when you arrive

Just take a moment to acknowledge yourself

For being here today

You are choosing to put yourself first

That’s a wonderful thing to do.


And if you haven’t already

Just closing the eyes or softening your gaze

And bring some awareness to your chest, to your heartspace

Just noticing what’s coming up

And if any feelings, emotions or sensations to come to the surface

Know that’s a really normal and healthy thing

So really welcome them

Almost like drawing out a chair for an old friend


And wherever you are today just see if you can begin to just notice

Come into the role of The Observer

Just allow

Just notice

Without judgement

Whatever is here for you today

Notice where you might be holding or gripping in the body

The fingers, or the toes, the ankles or the wrists

And see if you can use this idea of the silent observer to notice all of those points

And then just allow this noticing to bring this softness, this awareness


Your only job today is to pay attention


So start to notice your breath

You don’t need to change it

Just notice that natural ebb and flow


Notice what it feels like as you breath in

And notice what it feels like as you empty the breath out


And again bring your awareness to your chest, to your heart space

This is often a place where we can get really tight or collapsed

if we feel anxiety or stress

And just see if you can lift up slightly through the area

Even if it’s not a big muscular movement

Perhaps just a little energy

And just allow that the just affect your breath


Maybe just taking a fuller inhale

Feeling the heart lift a little

And perhaps feeling the shoulders soften a little and get heavy

as you breathe out


Using your inhale to feel expansion

And as you start to deepen the breath

Use the exhale to find a softness, a surrender

Giving any tension permission to melt away with each, long, slow breath.


And just imagine warm droplets of water

Very gently running down your neck

And down your arms

Feeling those gentle droplets

soothing and softening

the neck

the shoulders

Feel the whole body getting heavier


And wherever you are

You’re doing great

Stay with it

Stick with it.


And if the mind starts to wonder

Or wants to get involved

Just use your Silent Observer to notice

And then gently come back to my voice

Knowing that it’s very normal for the mind to wander

All we’re doing is creating awareness


On your next inhale

Bring some awareness to the very top of your head

Just noticing any sensations or feelings there

Maybe tingling or aliveness

Perhaps nothing

Just notice.


Imagine the warmth of relaxation

begin to spread down from the top of your head over your forehead.

Let this relaxation spread across your temples and over your eyes.

Let your eyes be soft and heavy

relax the little muscles around the eyes


Let your cheeks soften and loosen your jaw

It might feel nice to just gently massage the jaw

Giving it permission to soften

letting go of any tension here


And allow these gentle currents of softness

to spread down into your shoulders

Feeling them being caressed and soothed

Feel them getting heavier and heavier

As any tension melts away


Allow this heaviness to move down your arms

all the way to the tips of your fingers



And all you need to do is keep connecting with your silent Observer

The part of you that senses with loving awareness


Letting go of any expectation

Or a need for it to be a certain way

Wherever you are is perfect.


Bring your attention to the back muscles

Feel the heavy softness slide down the spine

and spread across the back of the ribs

Following this peaceful sensation

down into the sides of the body now


Observing the breath as it flows

into the edges of the chest

Moving down into the stomach, the abdomen, the hips

Giving these parts permission to soften and release

Feeling any tension or gripping begin to melt away


Moving into the legs

Allow these large and strong muscles to loosen and get heavy

Sending this soothing gentle sensation

down into your knees and lower legs

Observe how this feeling puddles in your ankles

Letting them relax before it flows into your feet and your toes.


Now take a deep breath in

and as you breathe out just scan down from

the top of your head to the soles of your feet

Just sensing and observing anywhere

that may still be feeling tense or tight

And just send some love and softness into those areas

Letting them know that you are safe

And it’s ok to let go now.


So we’ll now begin a short visualisation.

This is a journey of inner silence and calm.


Begin by seeing yourself standing on a beach

Notice how the sand is soft and brilliantly white

And how the sun is just rising

Casting a warm, soft, orange glow on your body and face.

As you breathe in the salty air you feel a sense of relaxation


An ease.

Feel a slight breeze gently caressing your face.


You have this beach all to yourself

and you have unlimited time to enjoy yourself here

Listen to the ocean as the waves lapse on the shoreline


You slowly see yourself walking towards the water

You notice the gently rolling, clear blue water.

Not far there is a boat bobbing up and down waiting for you to get in

It is sturdy, comfortable and safe.


As you get into the boat

and drift on the water

you continue to feel relaxed and peaceful

The water guides you smoothly towards an island.


The boat rolls and rocks gently on the water

as you draw nearer to the island.

You notice yourself relax even deeper

with the gentle rocking sensation of the boat


Now the sun begins to lift higher into the sky

The strong light clears the air so you can see for miles

The water glitters around you

Everything is clear

With no effort your boat finds its way to a sun-drenched island

The island trees sway gently in the soft breeze

Your boat settles on the shore

You are here


You step your feet into the island sand

and breathe in the undisturbed beauty of this place.

You watch the birds gliding from one tree to the next.

Observe the vibrant colored flowers growing all around.

Even the air surrounding you vibrates

and shimmers with luminous and pure energy.


Listen to the wind as it rustles the leaves in the trees gently

It is soothing

Here you are free from memories from the past

Here you are free from worries about the future

Here you are free from responsibility


This place is yours

And this place is total peace


You look between the trees

and find the opening that leads to a narrow path

You can see this path leads into the lush forest ahead of you

You wander along the path

at a slow and gentle pace into the forest

Passing between the ancient trees and rich plants

You notice all of the shades of green

And the dappled sunlight

as it pours through the leaves of the trees

This place is familiar and comforting

As you move deeper into the forest

you feel peaceful, nurtured and safe.

You have made it into the heart of the island.

In front of you is a glimmering pond filled

with clear water that is still and undisturbed.

You put your hand in the water and you notice the water is fresh and cool

You sit by the water for a moment

Here your thoughts slip away with ease

Everything is silent and still

The only thing you can hear is the gentle roll

of the ocean waves is in the distance

Everything you need is already here

here in the silence.


I’m going to let you be in this special and safe place for 2 minutes now

This is an invitation to just sit silence with loving awareness

To just experience the silence

I’ll come back to you when it’s time to continue.


(2 minute pause)


When we tune into our silent Observer

we are also tuning into our inner silence and calm

To our peace.


And know that this place

is always available to you


If thoughts find their way in

Just allow them to wash away

with grace and ease

Bringing your attention back

To your silent Observer

To that non-judgemental awareness

To what you are simply noticing

In this moment


Soon we’ll bring this exercise to a close

So let’s inhale for 3

1, 2, 3,

And just let it go soft and easy


Inhaling again for 3

1, 2, 3

And let it go



Notice how you feel

Stay present

Keep observing

Noticing what thoughts come up

Just letting it unfold as it is


Another deep breath now

returning to this space and this time

Breathe in the space

breathe in your presence

And wherever you are just begin to find some

soft, gentle easy movement with the neck

So maybe just very gently moving the neck from side to side

You might shake the head yes and then no

Soft easy movement with the neck and the shoulders

Maybe rolling the shoulders back or forwards a few times

Easing out any kinks or tightness


We’ll take a big inhale in

And sigh it out



One more time




Begin to gently move your fingers and your toes

Move your body a little too or take a stretch if that feels good


And before you open your eyes

Just take a moment to notice how you feel





And when you’re ready

slowly open your eyes


Main photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash