90 Trees for 90 Years

Spotlight Plants Trees to Celebrate 90th Birthday

To mark Spotlight's 90th birthday celebrations in 2017, we planted 90 trees with the Woodland Trust, in the Hucking Estate in Kent. The Woodland Trust are the UK's largest woodland conservation charity and help to maintain over 26,000 hectares of land across the nation.

We all need trees – they absorb pollution, reduce flood risk, provide homes for wildlife and places for people to enjoy. As one of the least-wooded countries in Europe, planting more trees in the UK is vital if we are to unlock these benefits and create a richer environment for all.
Abi Kennie
Woodland Trust

Our CEO, Ben Seale, also had this to say:

Spotlight is incredibly proud of its book publishing heritage and, from some time around the mid 1930s, our iconic directories were printed in Kent. We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the beauty of those great tomes by planting 90 trees back where they were produced in the stunning Kentish countryside.
Ben Seale

Woodland in the UK faces increasing threat from climate change, pollution, overgrazing, and other land use. Sponsoring the area was symbolic for us at Spotlight, supporting the Trust's efforts to help buffer ancient woods from encroaching human land use, and fostering habitat growth for wildlife. We're proud and happy to have been able to support this wonderful cause!