The Subtitle Spotlight European Film Festival

Film Festival Returns to Kilkenny on November 20th

The film festival for popular subtitled European films is heading back to Kilkenny, Ireland. Also returning are a fantastic line up of filmmakers and stars, who'll be celebrated on Sunday night at the Angela Awards, hosted by Pauline McLynn and the Camembert Quartet.

This year there will be 29 films, with a terrific collection of thrillers, dramas and comedies from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands, Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria. Many of the films in the 2017 festival have never been screened theatrically in Ireland, and 15 of them are Irish premieres.

Highlights this year include the English-language world premiere of Aku Louhimies’s epic film The Unknown Soldier, which has already smashed box office records in Finland; Valeriy Todorovskiy’s terrific drama, Bolshoi, Alexei Uchitel’s lavish new picture, Matilda, and Tonie Marshall’s outstanding new film, Number One.

There will be over 200 guests in Kilkenny for the festival, including over 50 brilliant European actors and some of the finest casting directors on the planet. 

For actors who are invited to the festival, it's a unique opportunity to make connections with casting directors throughout Europe, opening up a wider range of casting opportunities and new projects.  

Spotlight will also utilise this joint venture with Subtitle to help grow the number of European-based work opportunities for actors in the UK and Ireland.

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