Spotlight's Nigel Seale

It’s with enormous sadness that we announce the death of partner and former managing director of Spotlight, Nigel Seale, on April 10th 2019.

For over 50 years he steered our company through exciting times and myriad changes. Never afraid to embrace technology he made sure we were one of the first websites back in 1997, building on our print and CD Rom publications; he helped create the Spotlight Link but also loved the art of good old-fashioned letter writing.  

He leaves many dear friends across our industry not just in the UK and Ireland but in the US and Australia. And happily many had a chance to recognise his immense contribution, when at Subtitle Film Festival in 2016, he won the lifetime achievement award with all his family there to see it.

A passionate theatre, film and television lover he had an encyclopaedic knowledge and a phenomenal memory for even the smallest detail.

His real love though, was always for actors. For a time in the 60s-late 70's he was also part of the full-time advisory team, meeting day in day out with performers in need of help and guidance; but which also entailed almost daily theatre trips to watch and make copious notes, the better to know them and help them with agent and casting introductions.

And it was Nigel who started Spotlight Graduates in 1980 - ensuring that new and upcoming talent had a proper focus and attention.

From his vast array of charitable work to the lifelong friendships he forged he will always be remembered fondly.

But by us here at Spotlight, we will remember him as the man who instilled a sense of family, loyalty and a generosity of spirit. We are a better company for having had his leadership for so long. His sense of fun, his ability to laugh and his genuine kindness set him apart. We will miss him greatly.

These values mean he will be with us for a long time to come, but also, if you are ever visiting our London HQ, take a peek at the mural above the lift when you come in. Nigel is there amongst the faces smiling as we 'Spotlighters', actors and casting directors come each day to do our best work.