Take part in Spotlight Pride online!

This is no ordinary Pride. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we have had to postpone our plans at Spotlight to attend our first London Pride march alongside our LGBT+ members. 

Additionally, the Black Lives Matter protests have shaken the world by highlighting the systemic racism experienced by Black and Ethnic Minority members - and the additional discrimination faced by those who intersect as members of both BME and LGBT+ communities. 

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we show our support for these members. While there may not be the usual parades or sparkling celebrations this year, we need to be wearing our colours with pride. 

How to get involved:

On Monday, 29th June, we’re inviting our members who identify as LGBT+ and allies to upload a video that showcases your creativity whilst expressing your solidarity and we particularly welcome contributions from our Black and ethnic minority LGBT+ members.  

The theme is Pride and Prejudice’, which you can interpret however you wish; through scripted drama or improvised comedy, iconic cinema scenes or original material; queer poetry or classic literature; or even a song or dance of your choice. We suggest creating your masterpieces on Tik Tok or iMovie, but single-take scenes on your smartphones will work just fine too. They should be no longer than 60-seconds long. It’s Pride, so there are no rules on content, but please remember to be kind and professional, and if filming with others please ensure that you stick to current government safety guidelines and get the permission of anyone appearing in your video. Please also ensure that your content doesn’t break the law or violate the terms and conditions of the apps you may be using. 

When you’ve finished editing your video, share it with the Spotlight community at any time during the day of Monday, 29th June, by uploading direct to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SpotlightPride and don’t forget to tag us in @SpotlightUK and @Spotlight_ie. 

To help raise your profile you might also wish to post your Spotlight CV link too, because throughout the day, agents, casting directors, directors, producers and writers will be following the hashtag and will be liking and commenting on your videos and perhaps even sharing some of their favourites. Once the campaign is over, we’ll be promoting the hashtag in our Industry Update newsletter for agents and casting directors from all around the world, so your work can be viewed in the weeks to come.   

Our members make up some of the most creative people in the world so we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Happy Pride everyone!