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The Essentials

Our tips for making the most of your online presence as an actor

Once you’ve set up your social media presence online, there are lots of ways to make the most of this as a resource for both you as an individual and as a professional actor. Keep in touch with the industry, connect with peers and people you might like to work with, and more. Here are our hints for making the most of your online presence:

1. Keep listening

One of the big pros of a platform like Twitter or Facebook is that you can see a lot of news very quickly. Listening in on the industry is hugely helpful for anyone serious about being in the arts, and will allow you to keep up to date with events, castings, and what is happening in the industry generally. You can also get an idea of who is who, what individual casting directors prefer to receive, and a general sense of what they’re up to.

2. Be real

Think about how you’d act in real life and apply that online. The same level of politeness applies! It can be tempting to tweet at casting directors or keep sharing your profile, but how would you feel if someone you didn’t know kept handing you their CV in real life? Being too pushy online is definitely something to avoid. Think about how you’d approach someone in a real life situation before you act online, and apply the same principles.

3. Remain professional – even if it’s personal

You might not want to separate professional from private, but be sure that your account is something you’d want casting directors to see! Manage your privacy settings carefully on your social media, and consider splitting professional from private if it helps!

4. Keep it consistent

Make sure your name, headshot and Spotlight profile are included on your social media profile, so it’s clear who you are and where someone interested in you can find out more about what you’ve been up to. The big one here is your name: while you might want to make your Twitter name something more catchy, if we can’t connect the name to a profile, it makes it pretty tough to recognise you in a professional sense! Keep things consistent across your online presence.

5. Be engaged and active

Remaining engaged and actively part of the performing/arts community is really important for anyone struggling to get ahead in such a tough industry. A sense of community can help not just with coping with the downsides of a challenging profession, but also with feeling more fulfilled – getting involved in projects and connecting with other passionate individuals can lead to a lot of great opportunities, and keeping up with seeing new work is a great way to keep working on your craft.

Most people who are up and coming in the industry are only too glad to talk about their passion, and if you’re looking to get a specific project off the ground, there is a wealth of knowledge and advice out there to draw from. Follow the experts, emerging artists and peers alike. Immersing yourself and actively participating in discussions online can go a long way towards this.

If you have any questions on specific ways to make your online presence more effective, tweet us. Otherwise, check out our other great tips on getting started in the industry!