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The Industry

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, whatever industry they are in.

Bullying, harassment and discrimination (BHD) in any form have no place in our society, and over the last few months at Spotlight we’ve been considering how best we can drive forward initiatives to improve our industry, such as the BFI’s set of principles for screen.

Over the last few months we’re proud to have become a member of Creative UK, the organisation asked by The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to take the lead on an action plan to address these issues and have regularly convened an industry-led working group including stakeholders across TV, film, theatre and other creative sectors over the course of this year. In September 2021, the working group established its terms of reference, which outline its membership and its overarching aims of ‘Prevent, Protect, Monitor’:

  • To prevent BHD issues from arising through cross-industry initiatives and codes of conduct that are joined up and visible.
  • To protect those who have faced instances of BHD, by ensuring they are able to easily access independent advice and support.
  • To monitor the long term effectiveness of initiatives to tackle BHD to ensure the effectiveness of support available.

Significant progress has been made by industry already. The Working Group is focussed on identifying relevant training to be used as a ‘blueprint’ across the creative industries, which is expected to come to fruition later in 2022. The Group is also actively working on a plan to monitor the effectiveness and visibility of support available, to ensure that the success of initiatives can be effectively evaluated. Additionally, TIME’S UP UK is developing a proposal for an industry-led independent body which would support the reporting and investigation of misconduct complaints, with a view to improving accountability in the creative industries.

We’re looking forward to continuing to engage with these efforts and ensure the industry is a safe place for everyone.

Published: 20 January 2022