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The Industry

The organisation welcomes four new CSA members to the Board and announces members of the European Chapter Board of Governors

15th September 2023

Spotlight congratulates the Casting Society (CSA) on the announcement of its newly elected Board of Directors for 2023/2024, with Destiny Lilly serving her second term as President, Steven Tylor O’Connor serving a second term as Treasurer, and Elizabeth Berra serving her second term, now as VP Governance.  In addition, Becca McCracken now serves as Secretary.

Leadership for the European Chapter Board of Governors are: Cassandra Han as President,
Gillian Hawser as Vice President, Olissa Rogers as Secretary and Claudia Blunt as Treasurer.

The 2023-2024 Board of Directors are: 

Destiny Lilly – President
Steven Tylor O’Connor – Treasurer
Becca McCracken – Secretary
Elizabeth Berra – VP Governance
Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick – Co-VP Advocacy
Felicia Joseph – Co-VP Advocacy
Felicia Fasano – Co-VP Communications
Tiffany Little Canfield – Co-VP Communications
Sujotta Pace – Co-VP Events
Zachary Spiegel – Co-VP Events
Wendy Kurtzman – VP Membership/European Chapter Liaison
Rachel Reiss – VP Technology
Candido Cornejo
Daniel Cabeza
Erica A. Hart
Erin Tomasello
Julie Tucker
Kimberly Ehrlich
Tiffany Mak
Zora DeHorter

The Casting Society European Chapter Board of Governors are:

Cassandra Han – President
Gillian Hawser – Vice President
Olissa Rogers – Secretary
Claudia Blunt – Treasurer
Harika Uygur
Louise Kiely
Maria Lainas

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