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The Industry

We are excited to announce the winner and our other finalists for the first-ever ‘Into The Spotlight’ competition!

We were completely overwhelmed by the response for our first round and the team here at Spotlight were blown away by the entries we received. The team watched every monologue performance and we genuinely struggled to narrow the entries down to a top 10.

The 10 finalist’s entries were sent to our special guest judges – the team at Sophie Holland Casting – and they have chosen the winner. We are delighted to announce that the winner of our first ever ‘Into the Spotlight’ monologue competition is Michelle Chantelle Hopewell.

Watch Michelle’s winning monologue performance:

Huge congratulations to Michelle and to our other wonderful finalists whose entries can be watched below:

(Left to Right)

1. Alistair Nwachukwu
Fences – August Wilson
Watch Here
Headshot: Dujonna

2. Christina Ado
The Quiet House – Gareth Farr
Watch Here
Headshot: Sean Gannon

3. Danny O’Connell
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me – Frank McGuinness
Watch Here
Headshot: YellowBelly Photo

4. Levi Haughton
My Name’s Sam – Levi Haughton
Watch Here
Headshot: Tyler Fayose

5. Lucy Alexander
Mayfly – Joe White
Watch Here
Headshot: Adam Hills

6. Michelle Chantelle Hopewell (WINNER)
Change – Michelle Chantelle Hopewell
Watch Here
Headshot: Ian Fallon

7. Nicola Brome
Falling Off The Edge – Tuyen Do
Watch Here
Headshot: LSM Photography

8. Ollie West
Great Britain – Ollie West
Watch Here
Headshot: Andrew James

9. Rebecca Norfolk
Lee In DNA – Dennis Kelly
Watch Here
Headshot: Ruth Crafer

10. Sam Garioch
Absolute Hell – Rodney Ackland
Watch Here
Headshot: Ryan O’Doherty

When will the next competition launch?

We’ll be bringing ‘Into the Spotlight’ back in early 2023 with a different theme and judging panel so keep your eyes peeled.