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The Industry

Parents in Performing Arts (PIPA) have announced the formation of a new consortium of leading UK theatres and arts organisations who will work together for the first time to support PIPA’s campaign for equal opportunities and access for parents and carers working in the performing arts.

We’re delighted to be one of the industry partners that are part of this commitment to attract, support and retain a more diverse and flexible workforce. The consortium will back PIPA’s endeavours to bring about sustainable change in attitudes and practices towards those with caring responsibilities.

Led by The Old Vic, the consortium brings together a collaborative network of theatre industry bodies and unions including UK TheatreITCOne Dance UKEquity, Spotlight, Actors’ Children’s TrustFamily Arts Campaign as well as Donmar WarehouseBirmingham Repertory TheatreMercury Theatre ColchesterDundee Rep TheatreHull Truck TheatreBelgrade Theatre CoventryStellar Quines Theatre CompanyNational Theatre of Scotland and English Touring Theatre.

Kate Varah, Executive Director of The Old Vic and Chair of PIPA said, “The imperative to create an inclusive, accessible industry which promotes the diversity of our workforce feels more essential now than ever. The Parents in Performing Arts Consortium is engaged in finding a practical and compelling approach to promoting flexible working in the arts. Our aim is that the work of PIPA will have a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of parents and carers working across the performing arts, and on wider perceptions of them doing so.”

We’ll be offering events aimed to support parents returning to work in the performing arts as part of our Open House events series, and put together plans to develop a long-term strategy that is aimed at increasing access to work. We’ve also introduced a changing area for parents with small children, on the refurbished 2nd floor of the Spotlight studios. This is just the beginning of the changes being made to increase diversity in the industry and ensure the arts are accessible to all.

For more information visit www.pipacampaign.com.

Image by Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash.com.