The Spotlight Podcast: Collaboration and Authenticity in Theatre Making with the PappyShow

Making theatre work that is inclusive, exciting and fun with the PappyShow...

The PappyShow talk to us about their upcoming run at the VAULT Festival, their unique approach to theatre-making, the importance of safety, inclusivity and diversity in their work, and how to navigate an industry where creativity isn't always paid for...

This episode features Kane Husbands, Sam Hardie, Eddie-Joe Robinson, Ursula Mohan, and Aaron Gordon. They perform, create and share roles across their three shows, BOYS, GIRLS and CARE.

The PappyShow create ensemble-led devised theatre work. They offer workshops and training in physical theatre, using this to devise and create work. In their own words: "We believe that having a space to play, devise and fail improves us as performers and informs the way we approach our work."

Take a listen (44 mins):

If you're interested in seeing their fantastic work, you can book tickets here. For any questions, ask us at [email protected] or on Twitter