Powerful Pause Meditation: Reignite

This meditation is themed around the idea of reigniting something that is important to you and features a gentle body scan.

Reigniting something important to you might be reconnecting to your passion and purpose as a performer, or it could simply be rediscovering what is important to you. This meditation can help support you in that discovery and also features a gentle body scan where we bring our awareness to each part of the body, which helps to aid relaxation. 

20 minute listen. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones on.

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This guided meditation was written for one of our new Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every few weeks. If you're a Performer member you can take advantage of these free sessions by booking a spot via our newsletter so please ensure you're opted in to receive our emails. 


Meditation Transcript

Bea Grist, Health and Wellbeing Manager:

So let’s move into a comfortable position

where you can settle and relax

Making any adjustments that you need

Whatever morning you’ve had

Just give yourself permission to let that go now

Let’s take a deep breath here

Feeling that sense of releasing and letting go

Thank yourself for showing up today

You’ve done the hard part

You’re here

It’s important to remember

That you’re a priority

And allowing yourself to have these next 20 minutes

Can really have a positive impact on the rest of your day.

So let’s use this time to come back to centre

To recalibrate

To pause and reset

You may like to set an intention

Perhaps one word which captures

what you’d like to take into the rest of your day

This meditation is best done seated

So try to find a position where you can relax

but also be focused

Ensure that your back is straight

With your spine following its natural curves

Let your shoulders melt down

Relax the muscles in your face

And rest your hands wherever is comfortable for you

Imagine warm tropical rain washing away

Any lingering thoughts from your morning

Knowing that you can always pick those thoughts up

After the meditation if you so wish

Just closing the eyes

Or lowering or softening your gaze

If that feels more comfortable

Just beginning to create a little bit of space now

Between the morning you’ve just had

Allowing yourself to arrive into this moment

Bring some awareness to your breathing

Taking slower deeper breaths than you’ve taken all day so far

Taking a deep breath in through your nose

And slowly letting it out through your mouth

Continuing to breathe this way

Feeling your lungs expand out

as you inhale

And contract back in as you exhale

Following the breath all the way in

And all the way out

Just noticing the gentle sensations

Of your breathing

The rise and fall of your chest

The air entering your lungs

And the heavy release of each exhale

Feel your whole body getting heavier

As it relaxes and melts

with each exhale

Bring your awareness to your body now

Notice how it feels

Or if there is anything it’s trying to tell you

Just like a meteorologist will objectively report on the weather

in being mindful we are like internal meteorologists

reporting the weather objectively on the inside.

Simply noticing or observing

without judgement.

Remember that mindfulness isn’t about

having a blank mind.

It’s normal to think.


is simply where we cultivate


of what is actually happening



and emotionally.

This allow us to gradually change perspective

and feel that we have more choice

in how we relate to life.

So whatever it is that you’re feeling in the body

Or in your mind,

Just acknowledge whatever is there

and simply let be.

Know that in this moment you are safe

You have everything you need

There is nothing you need to do

Apart from be present

Notice any place of tension

or tightness in the body

Give those areas permission to relax

Sending love into those areas

Thank your body for taking such good care of you

And let it know that it’s ok to rest and relax now

At any point if your mind starts to wander off

Just notice it

And gently bring it back to your body

Using your breath as an anchor

Try to picture one thing that’s happened today that made you smile

Or made you thankful or appreciative

And just let the feeling fill you up for a moment

Breathe that feeling in

and feel it spreading throughout your body

Allowing yourself to smile if that feels natural

Now bring some awareness to the top of your head

Notice what sensations are there

Let your attention move down to your forehead and down the sides and back of your head.

Feel the back of your neck

Noticing what sensations might be there

Feeling into your lips, your tongue and your throat

Now sense your shoulders

This is often a place where we hold a lot of tension

So notice if there is any tension or discomfort here for you

Allow your shoulders to melt down

And feel really heavy

Let your attention move slowly down your arms

sensing your upper arms elbows and lower arms

Feel the bones of your wrists and the softness of your palms.

Our hands are a centre of so much activity and expression.

Feel all the sensations in your palms, fingers and fingertips.

Now allow your attention to move into your stomach and hips.

Let your attention rest here for a few breaths

Continue down your upper legs, knees and lower legs

Taking as much time as you need to feel the sensations and awareness there.

Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do this

All you need to do is be as present and caring as you can.

Then move down into your feet, ankles

the soles of your feet and all ten toes.

Your feet work so hard all day long

Really feel all the muscles and tendons and tissues there.

Now shift your attention to your chest around your heart and solar plexus.

What do you notice there?

Breathe and feel it.

Place one hand on your heart.

You might feel your heartbeat

Notice how it feels to connect to this place

Knowing there is no ‘right’ way to do this

Only what is true for you

Let go of any expectations you may have

Or a need for it to be a certain way

Wherever you are is perfect

Connect to that sense of fire and warmth within you

To the courage, the love, passion and the wisdom you hold within your heart

The fire has always been there

It’s there to warm you

And to guide you

It’s there to keep you safe

And to give you the courage to go after your dreams

The fire has the answer to all the questions

and it knows exactly what is right for you

every moment of every day.

With your hand still on your heart

feel the warmth

Your heart beats the rhythm of the flames

As you breathe slowly in and out

Feel the oxygen massaging the fire

And feel the flames getting larger

Building and spreading

As the flames flicker and grow

So too does a certain energy in you

Building and supporting you

Letting you know that you are worthy of self respect and self love

Feel this fiery energy supporting you

Holding you

Feel it energise your muscles with strength

Breathe deeply

and allow yourself to feel the warmth of the fire on your skin

Feel the desire within you to go out into the world

to create new things

to have an impact on those around you.

The fire knows what’s next for you

all you have to do is listen to your heart.

So ask the fire the following and listen very carefully:

What is your message to me?

What is next for me?

What is your gift?

What are you calling me to?

Slowly but surely the fire begins to die down

Gradually becoming tamer and tamer

Until it is a gentle pile of glistening embers

Smoke rises up to the sky

Feel the heavy relaxing state of your body

Connect again with your breath

Feeling the rise and fall of your chest

Following the breath all the way in

And all the way out

Shortly we’ll bring this meditation to a close

So let’s take a deep breath here

In through the nose

And out through the mouth

Breathing in this experience

Knowing that you’ll remember

What you need to remember

Another deep breath now

returning to this time

and this space

Another breath

Becoming aware of where you are

Noticing any sounds that might be around you

Moving your body in any way that is needed

to come back to your present state

take a stretch and move your body a little if that feels good

And when you’re ready

slowly open your eyes.

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash