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  • Working Without an Agent

    Working Without an Agent

    Tips for navigating the performing arts world when you’re self-represented  By Charlotte Thornton Not getting an agent is not rejection of you or a statement about your ability. It is about market conditions. Which I know sounds very dull and corporate. But acting is a business… Charlotte Thornton Not getting an agent straightaway when I…

  • Actor in Isolation: A Survivor’s Guide

    Actor in Isolation: A Survivor’s Guide

    Mentor Charlotte Thornton’s guide to keep actors positive and entertained while they’re isolating. Yes, you are isolated, but you can still reach out… Socialise virtually with those you love. Charlotte Thornton It’s exciting that the industry is moving again, and any actor who has a gig is naturally pleased about it. But the prospect and…

  • Personal Branding for Actors

    Personal Branding for Actors

    Speaking at a Spotlight Open House session, Charlotte Thornton gives tips for refreshing your personal brand as an actor. Firstly know that you are brilliant! Always hold on to that thought. But there’s no point being brilliant if no one knows you exist and you don’t get to show it. Marketing and promotion are vital for performers looking for…