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We want to introduce some of our wonderful agents and casting directors working and living in Ireland!

Take2 Actors Agency

Name: Shauna Griffith
Location: Dublin, Ireland
About us: Established in 1988 by Pamela Hughes, Take2 Actors Agency is now run by Shauna Griffith. We specialise in the representation of young performers, aged 0–25. We are dedicated to representing a diverse pool of actors across the Republic of Ireland.

Shauna landed her first film role at the age of 5 playing a leading role in short film ‘Pluck’ directed by Nessa Hardiman. Throughout her adolescence she appeared on TV and film, then moving on to coaching, specialising in acting for camera. She holds an Associate Diploma in both Acting & Teaching from the Irish Board of Speech & Drama, as well as a Licentiate Diploma in Teaching. She prides herself on being able to help coach her young actors so that they present professionally on self-tapes and then on set.

Our clients can be seen in multiple commercials, TV and film projects, both domestically and internationally.

We are working very hard to further build relationships within the industry!
Best thing about working in Ireland: The best thing about working in Ireland is how close knit and collaborative the industry is. We are a small island so everyone knows everyone else which is amazing. The training that our actors are receiving and the talent that is being produced is astounding. It is very exciting to see all the investment and development that is happening in the industry at the moment and here at Take2 we are incredibly excited to see what the next few years hold for Ireland.
Email: Shauna@take2.ie
Instagram: @take2actorsagency
Facebook: @take2act
Website: www.take2agency.com
Take2 Actors Agency: The Podcast

MVW Talent Agency Ireland

Name: Maureen V Ward
Location: Dublin and Kildare
About Us:

Winner of 2020 Best All Ages Talent Agency, and currently nominated for the 2021 Award, the successful MVW Talent Agency, which is in its 19th year, represents students and clients of all ages.

A number of household names such as Niamh Algar, Seana Kerslake, Johnny Ward, Susie Power, and newcomer Alisha Weir have all been students or clients of this reputable and renowned agency which also provides classes, courses and workshops for adults and teenagers, as well as weekly performing arts classes at Talented Kids Performing Arts School for children.

Our classes, courses and workshops are taught by experienced and qualified professionals. Students of all ages will enjoy their classes which are taught in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, where they will meet new friends, be encouraged to participate and perform in shows, events, tours and competitions. Most importantly they will develop a strong confidence which is needed for the numerous auditions and opportunities that the agency receives on a daily basis. This confidence will not only be used in the world of showbiz,  but will also be an essential tool for life.

MVW Talent Agency specialises in the representation of all ages in the areas of film, TV dramas, TV soaps, voice overs, modelling, commercials, presenting, radio dramas and shows, theatre, musical theatre etc which are being cast worldwide.
Best thing about working in Ireland: The People! Our Emerald Isle is a small country that houses such a large dynamic group of personalities from multicultural societies. Our friendly nation pretty much knows everyone who resides on this island and on meeting somebody new, we are always guaranteed to have a mutual contact!!!
There is nothing like the fresh Irish air, the fabulous scenery as well as the amazing locations steeped in history from so many different eras which are all the perfect backdrop for many film sets and productions.
Email: mvwtalent@gmail.com
Website: www.maureenvwardtalentagencyireland.com
Facebook: @MVWTalentAgencyIreland
Instagram: @maureen.v.ward
Twitter: @MVWTalentAgency

ReActors Agency

Name: ReActors Agency
Location:30/31 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
About Us: We are a cooperative acting agency based in Dublin, Ireland – representing a range of experienced, professional actors since 1996. Please feel free to contact us regarding our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.
Best thing about working in Ireland: The huge range of talent and sense of camaraderie that exists in the Irish industry.
Website: http://www.reactors.ie/
Instagram: @reactorsagency
Twitter: @reactorsagency
Facebook: @ReActorsAgency

Maureen Hughes Casting

Maureen Hughes Casting
About Us: 
At Maureen Hughes Casting we work on film, television drama, theatre as well as the occasional commercial. Having begun casting for the Druid Theatre Company in Galway and running the casting department from the Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting.

We have since moved on to our new home on Great Denmark Street, just around the corner from the Gate Theatre in the heart of Georgian Dublin.
Best thing about working in Ireland: Our actors…….so good!
Facebook: @MaureenHughesCasting
Instagram: @maureen7033

Georgia Simpson Casting

Name: Georgia Simpson Casting
Location: Belfast
About Us: I’ve been working in casting for nearly 20 years, firstly in London and now in Northern Ireland. I work in TV, film and theatre, and my projects include Good Vibrations, Five Minutes of Heaven, Line of Duty and The Shore.
Best thing about working in Ireland: Northern Ireland is a great place to live and work: we have a thriving TV and film industry here in Belfast, with beautiful countryside and the coast on our doorstep.
Email: georgia@georgiasimpsoncasting.com
Website: georgiasimpsoncasting.com
More info: imdb.me/georgiasimpsoncasting

O’Sullivan The Actors Agent

Name: O’Sullivan The Actors Agent
Location: Sligo, North West of Ireland
About Us: Tom O’Sullivan represents a mix of  some of the best up and coming actors in Ireland along a with some of the best known actors in Ireland.
Best thing about working in Ireland: The people, the humour, the craic and the water is free!
Email: office@osullivantheactorsagent.com
Website: www.osullivantheactorsagent.com

Amy Rowan Casting

Name: Amy Rowan Casting
Location: Dublin
About Us: Amy Rowan Casting has worked on more than 70 screen productions over the past 3 decades. We cast for film, television, Theatre and commercials. We works on indigenous Irish projects and on co-productions with British, European and international companies. Amy is a founder member of the International Casting Director’s Network. She teaches at the Lir Academy, the National Academy for Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s premier actor training programme, where she is co-ordinator of Professional Development for the acting students. She has a degree in History from Trinity College Dublin. She speaks fluent Irish and conversational French and German. We have a love for the craft of acting and a fascination with the magic of matching great writing with great acting.  We are opinionated and passionate. We love uncovering new talent and are proud to have been instrumental in the early careers of many of Ireland’s leading lights including Cillian Murphy, Saoirse Ronan, Barry Keoghan, Chris O’Dowd, Domhnall Gleeson, Patrick Gibson and Aidan Turner.
Best thing about working in Ireland: Working with Irish people!
Email: amy@rowancasting.ie
Twitter: @amyrowancasting