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As a London-based actor, David Mumeni has worked with director Declan Donnelan at Cheek by Jowl, as well as Josie Rourke in a Donmar Warehouse production. His credits include The Royal Court, The Hampstead, The Soho and The Bush. David has also appeared in various TV shows including Fresh Meat (Channel 4), PhoneShop, Love, Nina, Cuckoo, The Windsors, Drifters, and Whitechapel. He has worked as a facilitator for many youth arts organisations, from Theatre Schools to Young Offender Institutes for over 12 years and is an Associate Artist for the National Youth Theatre. 

During Spotlight Open House week, ahead of leading a workshop on audition techniques for young performers, he shared with us his tips for auditioning well, and performing on stage and screen. Watch now!