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Your Spotlight book page

Your photo and (school) contact details appear in the Spotlight Graduates book, distributed free of charge to thousands of industry professionals and agents annually in February.

Your Spotlight web page

Your full CV appears on our website, the UK’s most popular professional casting website. Remember to check this regularly and keep it up-to-date with new credits or skills. Click here to log in and view / update your CV. If you have forgotten your PIN numbers, click here to have them emailed to you.

Photos, showreels, voice-clips and Spotlight Monologue

Make sure you enhance your web page with extra photos, a showreel, voice-clips and a Spotlight Monologue. All of these are very popular with casting professionals, since they help to build up a far more detailed impression of your performance skills.

Click here to read full details on how to upload these as part of your membership.