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A guide to Spotlight for agents onboarding new clients.

Information that agents will find helpful when discussing Spotlight with new performer (18+) or young performer (under 18) clients

Performers are largely responsible for their own membership with Spotlight however there are some things as agents, you might find useful to know when talking to your clients about Spotlight membership.

This handy guide for agents covers the following topics:

  • Onboarding new performer clients (18+) joining Spotlight
  • Recommending a performer client (18+) for Spotlight membership
  • Onboarding new young performer clients (under 18s) joining Spotlight
  • Sending a Spotlight invitation email to parents/guardians of young performers
  • Reactivating a performer or young performer membership

Onboarding new performer clients (18+) joining Spotlight 

For performers who are 18 and under, there are three ways they can join Spotlight:

  1. Experience – performers require one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract or two professional performance credits.
  2. Training – performers require completion of at least one year of full-time professional performance training (minimum of RQF Level 5 or equivalent) or at least two years of part-time practical performance training.
  3. Recommendation – performers require a recommendation from a Spotlight registered agent or a member of one of the following groups: CDGCSACDABFMA or NAA.

Recommending a performer client (18+) to Spotlight

Our Recommendation Scheme is a helpful option for agents who represent performers who don’t have the training or credits required for Spotlight membership, but who you recognise and believe will do well in the industry.

If you would like to recommend a performer to us who doesn’t meet the Experience or Training criteria (detailed above), then please complete our Spotlight Performer Recommendation Form and send it to the performer. The performer can then attach it to their application to join Spotlight.

Please note the Recommendation Scheme is open to all Spotlight registered agents and to members of the CDGCSACDABFMA or NAA.

Onboarding new young performer clients (under 18) on Spotlight

If you wish to represent a young client on Spotlight, please email agents@spotlight.com to request access to our private young performers’ application page. Our Young Performer Consultant will then contact you to discuss the process.

Agents already approved on Spotlight to represent performers aged under 18 will automatically have access to the private young performers’ application page.

Sending a Spotlight invitation email to parents/guardians of young performers

When you have been given access to the application page, you’ll need to send an invitation email to the parent or guardian of your client.

Watch our video for a demonstration of how to do this:

  • Sign into your Agent Spotlight account
  • From the left-hand menu, click on ‘Young Performer applications’
  • Scroll down the page to ‘Option One’ and click on the button titled ‘Copy email template’
  • In your own registered agency email account, paste the template copy into the body of a new email
  • Update the copy where indicated with the name(s) of the parent/guardian and the name of the young performer client
  • Send to the parent/guardian
  • Once the parent/guardian receives your email, they can then complete the application online and submit it directly to Spotlight.

Within a few days, your client’s profile will go live and it will automatically appear on your client list.

Some things to note:

  • Parents/guardians and young performers don’t have direct access to any castings on Spotlight, everything goes via the agent representing them.
  • If a young performer loses their representation, we will cancel their membership and issue a pro-rata refund.
  • Memberships can be reactivated when young performers find new representation.

Reactivating a performer or young performer Spotlight membership

When you have a new performer or young performer client, check if they have been a Spotlight member in the past.

  • If they have, we will reactivate their membership rather than start a new application.
  • If they haven’t then follow the steps detailed above to onboard a new client to Spotlight.

To reactivate a Spotlight membership, young performers and performers will need to sign into their Spotlight account.

Young performers need to be represented by an agent on Spotlight. Before reactivating their membership, the parent/guardian will need to update us with the agent details by submitting a request, or agents can let us know.

If you need any further help, please contact our team and one of our team will be happy to assist you.