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Group of dancers posing together in dim lighting
Into the Spotlight: Dance Competition Finalists

We’re thrilled to announce the 20 finalists for the first ever ‘Into the Spotlight’ Dance Competition. We’ve seen an incredible response to our monologue competitions over the years, so this time we wanted to showcase a new skill: dancing! The first ever Into the Spotlight: Dance Competition was exclusive to our Spotlight Graduate members, but […]

The Industry
Olivier Awards 2023: My Neighbour Totoro and Jodie Comer among winners

‘My Neighbour Totoro’ leads the Olivier Awards with six wins, whilst ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’ wins Best New Musical Since 1976, the Olivier Awards have been celebrating the best in British theatre. This year, at the glamorous Royal Albert Hall, star of stage and screen Hannah Waddingham hosted the prestigious ceremony. Steeped with show-stopping […]

charlie gardiner
The Industry
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Keeping Your Identity as an Out-of-work Performer

It can be frustrating talking to people about what you do when you’re between performing jobs. Dancer Lizzie Perman explains why self-worth does not directly correlate with professional success. Not being professionally successful all the time doesn’t make you any less of an artist or indeed a person. This realisation freed me and actually allowed […]

first person
lizzie perman
The Essentials
Performing Arts Charities in the UK

The performing arts industry can be tough and sometimes you may need some support during your career or beyond. We’ve gathered a list of fantastic charities who can offer help should you ever need it. Whether you need help to make ends meet, support your child in education or face challenges through illness, injury, age, or unexpected […]

Getting Work
Dance Auditions: Facing Your Dance Call-back Fear

Ever wanted to ‘get that show’, but didn’t want to deal with the dance call? Jenny Patrone talks through overcoming dance audition fears and how to use the skills you have to your advantage. Dance isn’t just about high kicks and pirouettes. It improves posture, mental health and the benefits are endless. Jenny Patrone Even […]

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