The CSA announces an Open Call in support of 'Help Refugees'

An Open Call for London Actors - Sunday, 14 October, 11am–5pm at Spotlight, London  

Casting Society Cares, the non-profit charitable arm of CSA, is proud to be hosting an Open Call where actors will have the chance to perform monologues in front of CSA Casting Directors, and support the Help Refugees” charity, which benefits women and children in Dunkirk and Calais.

CSA Casting Directors and other industry professionals will be devoting a full day to meet London actors who would like to participate in our blanket drive to benefit “Help Refugees.”

This is a great way to help those in need and meet CSA casting directors in London! Casting directors and industry professionals on the rotating panel are: Nancy Bishop CSA, Suzanne Smith CSA, Carolyn McLeod CSA, Luci Lenox CSA, Carol Dudley CSA, Francesco Vedovati ICDN, Luc Chaudhary CEO at I.A.M, Dan Ireson at Narrow Road, Maya Hambro at Waring & McKenna, David Sabel (Theatre Producer), Alison Murchie from Nancy Bishop’s office, Caitlin Joseph from Suzanne Smith’s office, with more to be announced.

The Open Call will take place at the Spotlight Studios, 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7RJ, and you can sign up here to attend.

To prepare for the open call:

  • Monologues and scenes will be performed in front of a panel of CSA Casting Directors and industry professionals
  • You may sign-up for 1 slot only
  • Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue or if you come in with a partner, you can do a 4 minute scene that showcases you as an actor
  • Please bring one headshot/resume that will be available to panelists
  • Please send an item in support of ‘Help Refugees’ - we suggest you send items as per this list. We ask that you send the items directly to the below address. If you are ordering an item instead, Amazon have a Wish List. Please address items to:

    Refugee Women's Centre

    ℅  L'auberge des migrants

    56 rue Clément Ader

    62100 Calais

  • Please print a receipt that you have done so and bring it with you for the event.