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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

This guided meditation is all about the future and getting some focus on where you’re going.

The idea of this is that if we can visualise our future, we’re much more able to consciously create it.

This guided meditation was written for one of our Powerful Pause meditation sessions, where we come together to meditate every few weeks. If you’re a Performer member you can take advantage of these free sessions (please ensure you’re opted in to receive our emails for upcoming dates and booking information).

25-minute listen. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones on.

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Meditation Transcript

Bea Grist, Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager: 
This meditation is all about the future and getting a little focus on where you’re going.
Before we begin the meditation, I want you to think about what your relationship with the future is like. Is it something that you often think about?
And really good choice to be here with us today
To start, or end your day with a little self-care or self-attention
Maybe you’re taking a pause in the middle of your day
Whatever time it is
know that everything blooms from here
And by taking this time to rest
You’re actually helping yourself to move forward
This is an investment in yourself and your career.

And when life gets a little shaky
It’s a little easier to be with it when we’re connected to ourselves.
Today we’ll be doing a meditation which will allow us to take a short time hop into the future to meet our Future Selves. The idea of this is that if we can visualise our future, we’re much more able to consciously create it.
We can then trust and allow the future to unfold as it’s meant to
Meaning we’re more resilient to the unknowns of life too.
And maybe you’re already skeptical
Or noticing some resistance
Just notice that
And see if you can just be curious
Finding a place that’s comfortable for you today
That could be sitting or lying down
It might even be leaning or snuggling up against a wall
Just take a moment to check in with yourself now
What does your body need to feel comfortable, supported and safe?
We’re just beginning to settle in
Bringing your entire awareness to this moment here
right now.
And maybe you’re not present yet
Perhaps your mind is still busy or restless from your morning or your day
That’s ok
Just notice that
We’re not trying to force anything here
The practice is just about meeting yourself wherever you are.

And for this practice we’re just going to see if we can just be here now
Whatever that means for you
Simply breathing
And taking this time to just ‘be’.

And just begin by noticing your breath
Breathing in
And out
And with your next breathe
Just closing your eyes if you haven’t already.

See if you can notice where your breath is really most alive
And place your attention there
It might be in your stomach
Your chest
The sides of the body
Maybe you can feel the air flowing in and out through the nostrils.
Just resting your awareness with that breath.

Breathing in
And out.
And with each breathe
notice how your body is becoming a tiny bit heavier
Maybe there is a softening too
A gentle letting go of tension perhaps
See if you can use the breath to breathe softness
Into any parts of you that might be holding on
Maybe your stomach, shoulders
Or your jaw
Your face perhaps
Imagine the breath is like a warm hand to a sheet of ice
Feeling those parts of you melting into softness
Feeling those parts of you releasing just a little bit
Letting go.

And if there are any sounds in your immediate surroundings
See if you can use them to allow you to go deeper inside
It’s this reminder of how good it is to leave the noise and stress of the outside world and rest in the quiet and peace of your own inner world.
As you sink deeper into quiet space behind your mind
Perhaps you can imagine some grounding roots dropping down from the back of your spine. Imagine those roots going down to the centre of the earth, deep into the earth.
Imagine there is something that you can anchor the roots to
so that no matter where you go on this meditation
you feel solidly connected and supported to the earth.
As you allow yourself to go deeper into a state of relaxation
imagine yourself standing before a pond or a lake
where it is quiet and peaceful all around you
Notice the silence.
Now drop a pebble into the centre
and notice the ripples rippling out
one after another
flowing outward farther and farther
the ripples slowing down
becoming further apart
until the water is once again calm and peaceful.

I invite you now to imagine that your body is like that body of water.
And as you drop a pebble into the centre of your body of water,
you can feel ripples of relaxation spreading out,
waves of relaxation flowing through you,
up through your torso into your chest,
up through the vertebrae and spreading ou
into each and every muscle of your back,
through your shoulders and arms, up through your neck,
your jaw, face, scalp. Feeling those ripples just relax you
as your muscles let go and become soft and loose.
Feeling the ripples of relaxation flowing
down to the bottom of your torso,
flowing through your abdomen and your pelvis,
down through your thighs, calves, ankles, and toes.
Know that each time you drop a pebble
into the centre of this body of water
you can become more relaxed.
And as you become more relaxed
you find yourself becoming more quiet and peaceful.
Now coming back to your breath again
That sense of the breath breathing you
Notice how effortless it is
You don’t need to force it
It just is.
As you breathe in feel your belly expanding
Feel your ribs and chest expanding
As you take in fresh air
And then feel the body releasing as you breathe out
The chest and ribs dropping down
The belly letting go.

See if you can follow the breath
As it flows all the way in
and all the way out
Noticing how the breath gently rocks the body
Inviting quiet and peacefulness into all parts of you.
See if you can invite some of this quiet and peacefulness
Into the next part of our meditation
As we go on a short journey to meet your Future Self.

This visualisation is a way for us to tune into the wisdom
Which already exists within us
Very often we assume that the mind has the answers
And sometimes it does
But we can also forget that we have a whole world of wisdom within
Our body, within our imagination and our soul.
We’ll be dropping down into a quiet space behind the mind
A space which is always available to you.
Meditation is one way of creating calmness in our mind.
And when we’re calm, we’re much more able to connect to what we truly want.
And when we know what we want, we can begin to create our future from a grounded, wise place.
As always there is no wrong way to do this
Just listen to my voice as I guide you
See it, sense it or make it up.
However you imagine it is perfect.
In your mind’s eye imagine a dwelling, or building in front of you
Notice what it’s made out of – maybe brick, stone or wood or perhaps something else?
Really take in all the details
Does it have windows, doors?
If so, what colour are they?
Is it big or small?

Notice what is around it too.
Are there trees? Flowers? What kind?
Really get a sense of this place from the outside – the colours, the light, the textures, the sounds.
Now, see yourself standing in front of this dwelling
Do what you need to do to get someone to come to the door.
Know that on the other side of the door is your Future Self, waiting to greet you, This is you 20 years from now.
As the door opens, what do you notice?
Greet your Future Self and notice the way your Future Self returns your greeting, welcoming you into this time and place 20 years in the future.
Take in this person – this Future Self.
What do they look like?
Notice how they stand, what they’re wearing.
Notice their eyes and their facial expression.
Really get a sense of their essence.
Now notice the inside of their dwelling
What kind of person or people live here?
What are the colours and the senses of this place?
What are the textures, sounds or smells of this place?
Do you have a sense of others being here?
Who are they – what are they like?
Now move with your Future Self to a comfortable place for a conversation.
Perhaps they offer you something to eat or drink.
Really settle in and make yourself comfortable for this conversation with your Future Self.
There are some questions that you might want to ask.
Begin by asking the following two questions:
First, “What is it, Future Self, that you most remember about the last 20 years – what stands out most in your memory?”
In whatever language is most comfortable for you, take a moment now to hear the answer.
Now ask your Future Self this question:
“What do I need to know to get me from where I am now to where you are?”
Listen to what your Future Self has to tell you.
Now, what are other questions that you would like to ask your Future Self?
Take a moment and ask your Future Self your own questions.
Now, bring this visit with your Future Self to a close, thank them for being here with you today and sharing their wisdom. Knowing you can come back anytime you wish.
Take a deep breath in
Breathing in this experience
Whatever came up for you
And if nothing came up
That is absolutely fine too.

And just tuning back into the breath
Breathing in….and out
Just noticing, just getting curious
about the wisdom that already exists within you
And the future you’re creating.
As you breathe in
notice any remaining tension or pressure begin to gently soften and melt away.
Giving yourself permission to let go of anything you feel ready to let go of.

So just being with these words for a moment
And noticing what comes up for you.
Breathing in energy and positivity
Really allowing this to fill you up
With energy and vitality
Really feel it supporting you as you move forward.
Breathing in
Feeling the belly filling up
Feeling the lungs and chest expanding
Breathing out
Feeling the lungs and chest releasing and dropping back down.

You may like to put your hands on your belly or the sides of the breath
To just really feel the movement of the breath
In the body
I’m not going to talk for a minute now
So you can really tune into the movement of the breath in the body.

Breathing in
And out.

Allowing the breath to bring energy and life back into the body
Breath space into the front the back and the sides of the body
Feeling the ribs and chest expand with each breathe.
Breathing in
And breathing out.
Very slowly and gently we will bring this meditation to a close
So just becoming aware of any sounds that might be around you
Those that are far away
And sounds that are nearer.
Breathing in this experience
Whatever came up for you
Breathing in all the wisdom that lives within you
Becoming aware of where you are
Feeling the chair or whatever is underneath you
Feeling that sense of support and rootedness again.
And just moving your body in any way that is needed
Coming back to this time we have together
Maybe taking a nice stretch and moving your body a little if that feels good.
And when you’re ready
slowly opening your eyes.

Main photo by Drew Beamer via Unsplash