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We’ve partnered with Northern Europe’s largest casting platform, Stagepool, to share opportunities with each other’s members and make it easier to gain opportunities throughout Europe.

If you’re an actor, many of Europe’s leading casting directors such as Tusse Lande (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Skyfall) will now be distributing their breakdowns via Spotlight, giving you the opportunity to be cast in a wider range of film, television and theatre projects.

If you’re a casting director, it means you’ll be able to choose to also send your breakdown to Sweden, Norway and Germany and will be able to receive submissions from leading actors in those countries. Access to opportunities on Spotlight will be limited to Stagepool’s Premium Pro members, who are all professional actors with proven experience and/or training.

Stagepool are now a member of the Spotlight Network, which we’re working to grow throughout Europe to provide more opportunities for Spotlight’s casting professionals, agents and performer members.

For more information on Stagepool visit www.en.stagepool.com.

If you’re an actor from Sweden, Norway or Germany, find out about joining Stagepool Premium Pro now