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Published: 3 July 2024

In light of the current economic climate, which has seen a global increase in operating expenses and the rising cost of living, Spotlight has endeavoured to implement only the most essential adjustments to our membership fees. We have kept our fee increases 9% below the rate of inflation for over a decade, while maintaining our position as the best platform for our members to promote their talents, credits and skills.

We understand the importance of flexibility, particularly in these challenging times, which is why we offer a Monthly Direct Debit option tailored to our members’ varying circumstances. This allows them to modify or temporarily suspend their subscription as needed. It is this option that has seen a slight increase during July, which aligns with our recent annual price revision. The convenience afforded by monthly payments does incur additional administrative costs, which is commonplace across many service providers, hence the comparatively lower cost of our annual payment plan.

We are acutely aware of the concerns that arise with any increase in financial commitments. This is precisely why we are committed to enhancing the value of a Spotlight membership. We are excited to announce upcoming advancements, including timely audition updates and a streamlined self-tape service, both set to launch later this year.

Our pledge to inclusivity remains firm, with financial assistance accessible through our bursary programme (which has recently increased more than threefold) and discounts available to members who may require support, including individuals who identify as deaf, disabled, or neurodivergent.