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Spotlight has been acquired by global casting technology solution provider Talent Systems. This will connect Spotlight and our members to a worldwide network of casting opportunities, whilst continuing our position as the home of casting in the UK and European market.

Spotlight will sit within the global Talent Systems group, which also includes Cast It, Casting Frontier, Casting Networks® and Modasphere. The current Spotlight senior management team remains in place and Ben Seale, formerly CEO and owner of Spotlight, will be an adviser to Talent Systems.

This new network will help us to improve the service and support we give to our industry in the UK and across Europe, building on our global relationships and partnerships. We will also work together to integrate the best technology the group has to offer onto our platform to better connect all our customers, simplify processes, and help our members secure more opportunities in film, television and theatre globally, ensuring that getting that next audition or role is as efficient and easy as possible.

Founded in 1927, and with a long history of being run as a family business, Spotlight has always been at the heart of the casting industry. It’s been great to get to know Talent Systems and its experience of the casting industry, and we’re confident we are partnering with a team that truly understands our business and customer base. Our casting platform already extends well beyond UK borders, and joining forces with Talent Systems puts Spotlight in the strongest possible position to enhance our market-leading service. More importantly, it gives our members the worldwide access they need. Talent Systems Co-CEOs Alex Amin and Rafi Gordon have always demonstrated that they see the strength and value in the Spotlight team and the brand’s heritage and future, and this deal is a clear example of two companies that will be stronger together.
Richard Wilson, CEO of Spotlight
Spotlight’s iconic history and commitment to excellence in casting is second to none. As we have seen an explosion in production and the globalisation of content, this acquisition is an acknowledgement of a changing marketplace as casting directors increasingly find talent on both sides of the pond and actors grow their reputations in both markets. By joining the Talent Systems family of companies, Spotlight will have access to our casting platforms and software in the US, the UK, and around the world, creating greater opportunities for our customers everywhere. This deal is truly a win-win and we believe the alliance will be hugely beneficial to performers, agents and casting directors alike.
Talent Systems Co-CEOs Amin and Gordon

Talent Systems is the parent company of Cast It Systems, Casting Networks, and Casting Frontier. All these companies, along with Spotlight, will continue to operate independently while leveraging each other’s industry experience, expertise and technology.

More information about the casting and auditioning services at Spotlight, Talent Systems, and Casting Networks can be found at www.spotlight.com/about-us/ and www.talentsystems.com/

Published: 12 January 2021