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We’re delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Spotlight Prize.

Congratulations to Angela Jones of LAMDA for winning Best Actor (Stage) and to Aaron Hodgetts of Guildford School of Acting for winning the prize for Best Actor (Screen)!

The two prize winners were chosen from 19 outstanding finalists by an expert panel of judges and walk away with £2000 each and our unwavering admiration.

For her winning stage piece, Angela chose The Witness by Vivienne Franzmann and performed it in front of an audience of casting directors, agents and judges, Jessica Hynes, Michael Balogun, Susan Wokoma, Talulah Riley, Aisha Bywaters, Anna Cooper, Daniel Edwards, Hannah Miller and Sophie Holland.

Angela Jones on stage at the Spotlight Prize showcase.

For their winning screen performance, Aaron performed a monologue from Alice Birch’s [BLANK] and was chosen as the winner by a judging panel of casting directors: Andy Pryor, Carolyn McLeod, Cindy Tolan, Deborah Aquila, Jemima McWilliams, Kate Ringsell, Orla Maxwell, Rich Delia, Sam Jones, Sarah Trevis, Sasha Robertson and Tracey Gillham.

Aaron Hodgetts on stage at the Spotlight Prize showcase.

Spotlight’s Managing Director, Matt Hood, had this to say about the winners: “Huge congratulations to Angela Jones for winning the Spotlight Prize for stage and Aaron Hodgetts for winning the Spotlight Prize for screen. The jury was so impressed with the high quality of all the stage performances on the evening, as well as the screen performances. They should be incredibly proud of their achievements in such an outstanding year. We’re delighted to have been able to support all 19 students in building relationships with our industry, and we look forward to seeing their careers progress over the coming years.”

Angela and Aaron join a dazzling list of previous winners including Rosalind Eleazar, Jodie Whittaker, Faye Marsay, Rhiannon Clements, Kurt Egyiawan, Mimi Mdiweni, Bessie Carter and Dame Judi Dench.

Spotlight Prize 2022 finalists.

Congratulations Angela, Aaron, and all of the 19 finalists. We look forward to seeing what you do next!

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Photos by Joanna Nicole Photography