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We recognise that one of the biggest barriers to entry into our industry is financial and we want to provide more options to help performers on their journey. We have introduced a flexible monthly Direct Debit subscription, which is available to both new joiners and existing performers.

We are pleased to announce that Spotlight’s Bursary Scheme continues in 2024 and we have additionally been able to expand our available bursaries. We are now in a position to provide over triple the amount than last year, and are changing the process by which these are granted to make this even easier to those who need it most. You can now apply for the Bursary scheme at any time throughout the year, rather than having to wait for a specific date. More details can be found below.

The scheme has been set up to:

  • help those performers struggling most with financial barriers to entry into the industry
  • help support current performers on Spotlight who find themselves in financial hardship

We especially welcome bursary applications from performers who identify with communities which are underrepresented in our industry.

How to apply

You can apply for a bursary if you meet one of the criteria examples below:

  • You are in receipt of benefits
  • You are a refugee / displaced
  • You are a full or part-time carer
  • You come from a low income background
  • You are a single parent
  • Parents/Guardians/Young Performers: You are in receipt of free school meals
  • Parents/Guardians/Young Performers: You are in Care / a care leaver
  • You are experiencing a period of financial hardship

What will be requested from you

  • A document to show receipt of government benefits or financial situation
  • If unable/unfeasible to provide supporting documentation to evidence your circumstances you can supply a supporting reference from a professional, not related to you, who can verify your circumstances. This person could be, for example, a teacher, an employer, a health worker, a registered Spotlight agent, etc.
  • Parents/Young Performers: A note from your school confirming that you receive free school meals

If you are applying for the bursary and are not yet a member, please note you will subsequently need to meet the criteria of the relevant membership and submit an application online. We have recently expanded our criteria and you can find out more here.

How it works

Fill out this form to submit your application for the bursary. Our team will aim to get back to you within 5 business days. We will review your application and as long as you meet the criteria below and we have not reached a limit on our available bursaries, we will be able to support you when you need it the most.

Please note:

A bursary can only be awarded to a particular applicant once. If you have already been successful in receiving a bursary, you will no longer be eligible.

Membership discounts are also available to deaf, disabled and neurodivergent performers. Please submit a request on our Help Centre for more information.

We are constantly looking at ways to continue to support our members, especially when they need our support the most. This is very important to us. Please don’t hesitate to apply for a bursary if you need it. We also encourage you to reach out to our team for additional guidance on other support that may be available to you.

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash