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We are delighted to announce that Tagmin, the leading talent management platform for agents, has been acquired by Talent Systems, our parent company and the leading provider of casting and auditioning solutions to the entertainment industry worldwide.

Tagmin launched almost 10 years ago with a small team, and is now the most-used software for agents and talent managers in the UK. Whilst the industry continues to grow, so do the administrative and technical tasks required of agents and talent managers to support their business needs. We have worked closely with Tagmin for many years, and the acquisition will enable us to join together to streamline and strengthen the technology that supports the industry while ensuring Tagmin’s customers have access to the most innovative and seamless tools available.

“Misha and I will continue in our current roles, as will our brilliant team, and will be supported by a team of experts from within the Talent Systems family, so that we can keep our focus on agents’ needs in this fast-evolving global market,” said Benjamin Miller and Misha Von Bennigsen, Co-Founders of Tagmin. “It’s been an incredible journey so far, but we are only just getting started. We remain obsessed about continually developing systems to link an agent’s world, reduce their admin, protect their role and simplify their days. We look forward to working closely with Matt Hood and the rest of the Spotlight team.”

Matt Hood, Managing Director of Spotlight, said: “I’m thrilled that Misha, Ben and the team at Tagmin will be joining Talent Systems. Agents are essential to the smooth running of this creative industry, and the way that Tagmin has revolutionised their work allows agents to concentrate on delivering excellence for their talent. We’re looking forward to continuing this great work alongside Tagmin and to continue to make technological advances together so that performers, agents and casting directors can continue to do what they do best.”

For any further information, please contact us at marketing@spotlight.com