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Nominees Revealed for the 2019 Spotlight Prize

Drama school graduates from across the UK and Ireland have been selected to perform in front of an exclusive industry panel in July at the Spotlight Prize 2019.

The finalists will be launching their career to an audience of influential industry professionals on 16th July at 8 Northumberland Avenue, with a live theatre performance and a pre-recorded monologue to camera.

Over 70 drama schools and universities were invited to nominate a student from their graduating class to submit a self-tape audition for this year’s Spotlight Prize. The 20 finalists were selected by a panel of industry experts based on the quality of their audition.

Nominees will take part in a screen acting workshop earlier in July and their final performances will be filmed and judged by a panel of leading casting directors for TV and film. These performances will screen as part of the theatre showcase, and footage will be shared with industry professionals throughout Ireland, the UK and the U.S.

Two prizes of £2000 will be awarded for Best Screen Acting Performance and Best Stage Performance, in front of an invite-only audience of casting directors, agents, producers, directors and actors.

Last year’s screen prize winner, Francesco Piacentini-Smith from Guildford School of Acting has since starred in feature film ‘The Nest’. The 2018 stage winner, Lucie Sword from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art has since performed at Shakespeare’s Globe and filmed ‘Rare Beasts’ alongside Billie Piper.

This year’s finalists are:

Adriana Ivelisse

Caitlin Drake

Chris Mcilvenny

Connor Coen

Finnbar Hayman

Gemma Long

Hannah Mary Dando

Jake Neads

Jed Hoyle

Joshua Eldridge-Smith

Laura Noble

Laurel Waghorn

Lily Bolsover

Lucy Reynolds

Michael Workeye

Qasim Mahmood

Rhiannon Clements

Samuel Jordan

Saorla Wright

Watch this space for interviews from the nominees!