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Domenique Fragale trained at Arts Educational Schools and splits her time between London and L.A.. Here, she discusses all the recent developments at Spotlight.

As actors and members of the entertainment industry we’re used to change, and in celebration of Spotlight’s new and improved website and refurbished studios, I delved deeper and explored how this new advancement can benefit performers.


The new website holds a clear layout and easy navigation. My favourite aspect is the ‘News and Advice’ section, where useful tips, advice columns and podcasts with top industry names in casting, and directing, along with fellow actors, are free and ready to be used, all at the click of a button. The pieces are informative, intriguing, and most importantly – relatable. I know personally as a writer for Spotlight, that when readers get in touch with me, I really enjoy the connection and communication of performer to performer, because of that bond already in place.


The famous Spotlight Contacts book has also been developed into a free online guide, so after logging in you can open the door to contact details of all those in the entertainment industry, which you can filter by location. Contacts has become even bigger with more network links to casting directors, agents, production companies and photographers than ever before; making it simple for you to write to agents for possible representation; send your Spotlight profile to casting offices, and find that perfect headshot photographer.

As well as Contacts launching online, digital publishing of the Spotlight Directories have also taken centre stage. What this means for performers is that casting directors are able to instantly get performer profiles on their iPhones and tablets – making it more convenient for them and therefore, more likely for them to view more of our profiles for upcoming productions.


We’ve all been there – stepping off a hot and packed tube, flustered & trying to follow your Google Maps to the right location, whilst trying to keep your cool and ignoring the increasing nervousness, stepping into an inhospitable casting office, with a grouchy receptionist, sitting amongst other actors who look somewhat or sound somewhat like you, trying to go over your lines but at the same time overhearing the person in the room already performing it – yeah, it’s not nice. That’s why the casting rooms at Spotlight have become more of a joy to audition in. The casting rooms are spacious, flexible & quiet, with plenty of room in the waiting area for you to peacefully go over your lines to yourself, or have a chat with the lovely staff.


If you’re struggling to get that self-tape recorded, look no further. With the ever growing demand of self-tapes starting to take over physical in-person auditions, and becoming some casting offices favoured way to cast, it is not unbeknown that it can be very difficult to get that self-tape recorded just the way you want it, or find anyone last minute in the industry who ‘gets it’, with a great deal of patience and skill to help read lines with you. At Spotlight you can book a studio or room and get the best tape you could possibly wish for. The Spotlight offices are located conveniently and centrally in buzzing Leicester Square and not only are all the people at Spotlight wanting performers to succeed in what we love doing most, they’re also friendly! They’ll help you record that tape to its prime in a quiet, comfortable environment.


Finally, I can’t recommend enough taking advantage of being a member of the Spotlight family. I recently met a couple of actors who told me they were on Spotlight but could not even remember the last time they logged on to their account. I was a little shocked, so I asked them if they used their membership offers, however – they had no idea what I was talking about! There’s a more personal touch too with their constant development of wanting to offer services to make sure we, as members, can be the best possible actors we can be. Your membership includes discounts on theatre tickets (including Leicester Square theatre, Stand Up Drama, St James Theatre and Studio, The Cockpit, Shakespeare’s Globe, and many more), discounts on health and beauty – ranging from haircuts, make-up, dental, personal training, dance and fitness. You can also get useful, much needed services on vocal demo-reel studios, production companies, and website designers. Believe me, it is not meant to be some hidden treasure that Spotlight members only know about through word of mouth – it’s always been available to us and I urge you to research into it, spread the word and use it. It has been made for you after all!