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We’re always looking out for ways to help new members settle in at Spotlight, making our recent Welcome Evening the perfect opportunity to find out what questions our new members have. Here are just a few popular questions we get asked about how to make the most of your Spotlight membership:

How do I self-submit?

Don’t have representation yet? Don’t worry! Easily self-submit at the bottom of a Link board post. Just pick your headshot, add a message (if you really need to!) and submit.

Make sure to apply for the roles that suit your casting type best – after all, if you aren’t available for the audition or production dates, applying might not be the best idea. Casting directors have long memories, so don’t waste their time or yours! Be selective and aim for the right parts for you.

What should I write in the comment box when I submit myself for roles? Do I have to write in it?

Before you write anything, check the breakdown. Does it ask for a special set of skills? Do you have those skills? If there’s nothing more they need to know about you, don’t write anything – save your in-depth discussions for your next blog post! Casting directors will be looking at a lot of these, so keeping it short is always ideal. Let your headshot shine first!

What courses and schools should I have on my profile?

Definitely include your main training. If you’ve had different kinds of training over time, they do add up. Include what you think is relevant, but try to keep it brief. After all, if you had a few months of training in a particular technique 10 years ago, it might not be important to mention now. Experience is always more important, so just make sure the training aspect is clear and relevant before anything else.

What can I include in my showreel?

You can include a few different short clips in various styles, if you choose! Of course, you’ve got to keep the casting director’s attention, so make sure those first 30 seconds are front-loaded with your best material. For more in depth information about your showreel, watch this great advice from some of the best casting directors in the business.

How do I use the Spotlight Link?

Never fear: we have a video tutorial coming for you soon! For now, you have two choices. Either view a casting breakdown, or check out the posted roles.

Once you’re logged in, check out ‘Matching My Filter’ to set preferences for the kinds of casting opportunities you’re interested in, as well as to set up alerts and email preferences. ‘All Paid’ will show only those roles that are paid the Equity minimum or above, while ‘All Opportunities’ show every kind, including those that are unpaid or expenses-only. Take a good look around and submit to the best roles for you!

For more details, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out an upcoming tutorial.

If you’re a new member looking for more support, join us at our Open House week from the 3rd to the 7th of April. Welcome Evenings are on every 6 months, so come along next time and hear more about your new membership. All new events are posted here, so take a look!