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The Essentials

How you can clean up your social media history using Social Media Check.

Can you remember everything you’ve posted online? Nowadays, we create a significant social media footprint and a post can say a lot about our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. We might have short memories, but social media doesn’t.

We can all make mistakes. You’ve probably seen some of the high-profile cases in the media where a social post has come to light which has adversely affected that person’s career. Of course, there are many more which don’t get the media spotlight but have cost someone a life-changing opportunity.

That’s where Social Media Check comes in.

What is Social Media Check (SMC)?

Social Media Check is used by the BBC, ITV, and most production companies and has developed a reputation as the leading tool for cleaning your social media. It’s a secure, automated service that reviews your social media history to identify any posts, both text and images, that could damage your reputation.

With your consent, Social Media Check’s software searches all your public and private posts across the major social media platforms. It will securely provide you with your own personal report in rapid time, identifying risks across seven categories:

  • toxic language
  • extreme groups
  • violent images
  • hate speech
  • swearing
  • profanity
  • potential nudity and negative sentiment.

You can then decide to edit or delete any posts that might now cause embarrassment or truly don’t represent you or the values you hold today.

Benefits to performers to use

The SMC team believe that people should have the chance to rectify a mistake that they may have made in the past and might cause them embarrassment today. Times change and so do attitudes. A tweet that may have seemed like innocent banter years ago may now be considered offensive – even racist or homophobic.

Social media is a key industry tool for actors and has become increasingly important. But with fame comes scrutiny. Don’t forget when you get that big break a lot more people will follow your social media and that also includes tabloid journalists looking for a juicy story. It’s worth taking the time to check over your social media footprint and clean up your profile before you go to a casting so you can be assured that you have nothing to worry about.

If you’d like to clean up your social media history using Social Media Check, we are offering a 25% discount to members. Simply visit Social Media Check and use the discount code SPOTLIGHT25 (the code is case sensitive so use all capitals).

If you would like more information, visit their YouTube channel for some helpful videos about how Social Media Check and how it works.

Photo by Cottonbro.