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The Industry

The Green Rider aims to help actors, their agents and casting directors encourage positive, environmental changes on set.

In an effort to help the TV and Film industry transition towards a carbon neutral future, albert, supported by Spotlight, has launched the Green Rider. Designed to champion climate action through an actor’s contract, the Green Rider helps actors, their agents and casting directors to ensure more sustainability measures can be implemented on set.

Instead of requests for particular items or modes of transport, the Green Rider calls for good environmental practices to be observed on set, including (but not limited to):

  • requesting plant-based catering
  • using low energy lighting
  • asking the production company to agree to a ‘zero to landfill’ policy for its sets.

Aaron Matthews, Head of Industry Sustainability for albert, explains the reason for the creation of the Rider: “albert’s aim is to help the TV and film industry transition towards a carbon neutral future, to do that, every person on a production from the producers to the runners needs to know what they can do. The Green Rider is there to help actors, agents and casting directors so that they too can make a positive difference”.

We’re proud to support the Rider with Spotlight CEO commenting: “Actors and their agents, alongside casting directors, have a huge amount of influence and they all want help to do more to make our carbon intensive industry more sustainable. The Green Rider gives them a framework and guidance for how to do this. We’re really excited to see how this is adopted by the industry and the positive changes it will bring about”.

The Green Rider is freely available on WeAreAlbert’s website and webinars will be coming soon so casting and talent professionals can find out more about how the Rider can be used.

Show your support or let us know what changes you plan to make by using #GreenRider and tagging @SpotlightUK and @WeAreAlbert on Twitter.

Read our article full of ideas about small changes you can make to have a more sustainable set life.