Everything You Need to Know About Showreels - Updated!

Demystifying the showreel: an essential part of your profile as a performer

A showreel is video material of you acting on camera and is helpful for giving casting directors a sense of who you are as a performer.

If you have one, you absolutely should add it to your Spotlight profile. But if you don't have one or you'd like to improve your existing one, but what should you include? We asked the casting directors of Breaking Bad, Humans, Gotham, The Walking Dead, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Captain America, Wolverine and more for their advice.

In summary:

  • A showreel is a simple thing, it's not about being beautiful, it's something practical showing you talking and acting
  • Casting directors want to see you and what you can do so gear the showreel around yourself, or you with one other person
  • The beginning of your showreel is important so start with your best piece of work
  • Showreels should be around two minutes long, three minutes at most
  • Don't include long sequences
  • Try to use recent material
  • Don't feel you have to show everything, just show your best work that represents you
  • If you don't have enough material to show two or three scenes, one good scene is enough
  • No montages
  • Don't include a soundtrack - casting directors don't want to see what you look like to music.

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