The Spotlight Podcast: Your Working Rights, Pay and Taxation as a Performer

The podcast you need to hear... everything a performer needs to know about taxation, worker rights and contracts!

Today's episode is all about your rights and duties as a freelance worker! This includes all the essentials you should know about working rights in the UK, taxation, contracts, and much, much more.

Talking to Spotlight we have Alan Lean and Stephen Duncan-Rice from Equity, who give us the lowdown on everything a self-employed performer needs to navigate the (less than fun, but super important) legal stuff on the job. 

Thank you to everyone who sent us their questions! 

Take a listen (37 mins):

We have way more information on being self-employed and on all the legal/financial things you should know as a performer. If you have any other questions, send us an email at [email protected]!