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We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re delighted to announce that we have now improved how you can list your locations on your Spotlight profile.

With more and more work being produced across Europe and throughout the UK, our improved tools will help make it easier than ever for casting directors to find you based on your location, which we hope will bring you more opportunities for work!

You can now highlight up to three locations as bases for your acting work. This means casting directors will now be able to search and find you in any one of the three locations listed on your profile. Although casting directors have always been able to find you by location, we have opened up the search function to regions, so you will appear in many more searches. For example, rather than a casting director having to search for Ickford (Basingstoke) to find you, you will now appear in all searches for Basingstoke.

So that your privacy is protected, we’ve only enabled a high level region to be published. e.g. If you type in Woodstock it will appear as Oxford, if you type in Smithfield it will appear as Dublin, and if you type in Montmartre it will appear as Paris.

Take action! Make sure you make the most of this new feature as a Spotlight Performer by signing into your Spotlight profile now and updating/adding your locations so that you’re considered for all appropriate roles now!