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Safeguard your performance business with our new add-on bundle.

As a dedicated performer navigating the undulating landscape of the performing arts, you know that talent alone isn’t always enough to ensure success. Your career is more than your art – it’s your business. That’s why we’ve crafted the Extra Cover Pack: an exclusive bundle designed to bolster your business acumen and safeguard your professional journey.

The Extra Cover Pack is an addition to your membership, tailored to support your success not just on stage or in front of the camera, but in every aspect of your business as a sole trader in the performing arts. 

Here’s what you’ll receive for just £90 per annum (or £7.50 per month), a fraction of the standalone cost of £350* for the insurance policies alone:

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions:

Business Travel Insurance: Whether you’re heading to a gig, an audition, or a networking event, travel with peace of mind knowing that your business trips are covered. Our policy ensures that unexpected hiccups don’t derail your professional plans. Learn more here.

Personal Accident Insurance: Your ability to perform is your livelihood. Protect it with our Personal Accident Insurance, providing support in the event of an injury that might temporarily hinder your ability to work. Learn more here.

Tax Investigation Fees Cover: Navigating the complexities of taxes can be daunting and costly, especially under scrutiny. With our Tax Investigation Fees Cover, you can face any tax inquiries with confidence, knowing you’re backed by expert support without the financial burden. Learn more here.

Extended Media Storage:

Increased Showreel and Voice Reel Storage: Your showreel and voice reel are your calling cards. To help you make the strongest impression, we’re expanding your storage capacity from 20 minutes to a full hour for both video and audio. More space means more opportunities to showcase your range and secure that next role.

Exclusive Discounts on Career-Enhancing Events:

25% off Boost Events: Stay ahead of the curve with our curated workshops designed to refine your skills and expand your knowledge. From acting techniques to developing tactics and skills essential for growth within this industry, our Boost Events are your stepping stone to excellence. And with a 25% discount, continuous learning has never been more accessible. Sign up here.

The Extra Cover Pack isn’t just about protection; it’s about empowerment. It’s a strategic investment in your career, equipping you with the tools, resources, and peace of mind to thrive as a professional in the performing arts. Add the Extra Cover Pack to your membership today, and take a decisive step towards securing your success in the spotlight and beyond.

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*Comparable costs
Business Travel: £127 per annum – 11 Jul 2023
Personal Accident: £114 per annum – 13 Jul 2023
Tax Investigation Fees: £122 per annum – 5 Mar 2024