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How does Spotlight work?

Spotlight is used by casting directors all over the world to send out breakdowns for roles they are casting. Each of these breakdowns is sent directly to our registered agents. When an agent receives them, they’re able to submit their clients for the roles. The casting director will then search through the submissions they’ve received via Spotlight and invite their shortlisted performers to audition.

How will registering with Spotlight help me to get my clients more work?

Casting directors use Spotlight because it is the quickest and easiest way for them to get their latest casting or audition information straight to you, the agent.

All of your clients will have a unique online Spotlight profile including their headshots, credits, showreels and/or voice clips and details of their skills. When casting directors are looking for performers all of these features are searchable.

What are the requirements for registering as a Young Performer agent on Spotlight? Is there a fee to join?

You’ll need previous agenting experience, ideally 12 months minimum as an established company, and a good first-hand understanding of the casting industry.

There is no fee to join as an agent on Spotlight.

How do I apply to become a Spotlight registered Young Performer Agent?

By completing this first-stage application. Once you’ve provided some basic details a dedicated account manager will get in touch to find out more. This will include us making sure you have agenting experience, an understanding of the casting process and ideally some established industry contacts and knowledge of how to license children.

If I run a full or part time stage/performance school, can I apply?

Yes, as above, you’ll need to complete the first-stage application and we’ll take things from there.

If I run a model agency can I apply and will Spotlight be useful for me and for my clients?

As a model agency you can apply, however Spotlight is primarily a casting platform for stage, film and tv, so a more rounded client base would be advisable. We do however see a wealth of commercials and idents that are cast using our services, so your model clients can be Spotlight members, but would benefit more with additional skills.

Is there a minimum amount of child clients required to be registered on Spotlight?

Yes, once approved, you will need 8 clients in order to start receiving casting information via Spotlight.

What age range is considered a Young Performer on Spotlight?

Young Performers are children aged between 4 years and 17 years old.

How do my clients become Spotlight members?

We currently have two options for joining new clients, one by the parent/guardian in the form of an online ‘invitation’ that you send to them, and the other an online application done by you on their behalf. Both options are available once you are approved and registered. Please note that young performers cannot join Spotlight without agent representation.

What happens once my clients application has been submitted?

Applications usually take 3-5 working days to be processed. Once the profile has gone live, the member will then appear on your client list and you will be able to suggest them for castings from this point. Each member will receive a welcome email with some helpful hints and tips and will be asked to sign in and set up their username and password.

Do my clients or their parents/guardians receive casting information or just me as the agent?

Just the agency will receive casting information, so your clients and their parents/guardians rely solely on the agent to suggest them for jobs.

Once my clients turn 18, will they receive casting information directly?

This will depend on which membership group they are in. For all of our young performers, no matter what age, the casting information goes directly to their agent. However those on our professional performer membership will receive some casting breakdowns directly.

Should I be advising my 18 year old clients to apply for our professional performer membership?

Once they turn 18 we will advise them to join us as a Performer  member , the  criteria  can be found here.

Can my clients be represented by more than one agent on Spotlight?

This would be your decision as the agent representing them – do you operate a sole representation policy, for example? If so you’ll need to make sure you communicate this clearly to your parents/guardians when they join your agency. If, however, you and another agent are happy to agree to jointly represent one of your clients, do let us know and we can add both agencies to the performer’s profile.

Can my child clients join the actors union, Equity?

Yes, from the age of 10 children can join Equity. The link will explain the benefits. It is good to advise your parents/guardians about this.

I’m unclear about licensing for my child clients, where should we go for advice?

Each child needs to be licensed by the borough they live in so the first thing to do is contact the licensing authorities that you will be working with regularly to confirm how they like to handle licensing. Be aware that councils can be inundated with applications throughout the year and the length of time for issuing a licence can vary.

There is also some helpful content on child licensing both in the UK and outside the UK.

I represent children but would like to branch out to represent adults too (or vice versa), who should I contact at Spotlight?

Please email agents@spotlight.com and we can help.