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Getting Work

Ros Hubbard’s advice for performers

Ros Hubbard, casting director of The Mummy, Enemy at the Gates and much more, shares her tips for auditioning actors, rehearsals, and recording a good self-tape.

Ros on Auditions

“Own the part. It’s your part, you should be doing it, that’s who you are, do it that way. Don’t do it as an actor doing a part,  do it as ‘this is me, this is how I was meant to be.”

On Self-taping

  • Don’t have a whole load of toys and silliness in the background
  • Don’t do too many props
  • Make sure you’re not in the background of a window, sit with the background of a wall or a light background
  • Have a reader in, don’t read in for yourself. Try and get another actor to read in. Face the person you’re reading with and be real
  • Own the part. If you don’t own the part, you’re never going to get it.

On Performers Being Off-book

“Always be off your book, even if you lose a few lines. Think it through, listen to the lines you’re being fed with and you will hear the line that\s meant to come back, it’ll come to you.”

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