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Actor Lucas Albion performing a monologue on-stage at the Spotlight Prize 2023

Image credit: Joanna Nicole Photography

It’s time to reveal the winner and finalists for the latest ‘Into the Spotlight’ competition!

This time, the theme for our ‘Into the Spotlight’ competition was ‘Identity’, and we couldn’t wait to see how you interpreted this through your entries.

The Spotlight team received and watched all your entries and after many tough decisions, we managed to choose our top 10 finalists, who were passed onto award-winning casting director Aisha Bywaters to make the final decision.

Aisha has cast for such productions as We Are Lady Parts, Netflix’s Man vs Bee, The Last Tree and, most recently, Queenie for Channel 4.

She thought all 10 finalists were great, and has now selected a winner who will receive a free Spotlight membership, £150 worth of self-taping equipment, and more!

Without further ado, the winner of the ‘Into the Spotlight’ Identity competition is…

Lily Blunsom-Washbrook


Close Quarters by Kate Bowen

Headshot credit: YellowBellyPhoto

You can watch Lily’s winning entry below:


Congratulations Lily, and a massive well done to our other nine finalists! You can watch their entries through the links below:


1. Daisy Rae

From the Midlands by Toby Campion

Headshot credit: Dave Buttle


2. Darren Kemp

Just Gary by Darren Kemp

Headshot credit: Kim Hardy


3. Fabian Secon

Death of England: Delroy by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer

Headshot credit: YellowBellyPhoto


4. Isobel Fairchild

Love & Money by Dennis Kelly

Headshot credit: Jake Stewart


5. James Clossick

I’m Not a Geriatric, Yet (adapted from novel by Don DeLillo)

Headshot credit: Darren Miles


6. Karen Johal

Shalini – Speed by Iman Qureshi

Headshot credit: Andy Brown


7. Lucy Shafi

One Night Stands & Monster Munch: The Identity Crisis of a Millennial by Lucy Shafi

Headshot credit: YellowBellyPhoto


8. Lukwesa Mwamba

Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard

Headshot credit: Kimberley Archer


9. Shermya Modupe

Malcolm & Marie by Sam Levinson

Headshot credit: Matt Jones


Thank you so much to everyone who submitted an entry for the competition! We’re so glad you all enjoyed taking part! 

Keep an eye on the News & Advice section of our website for future announcements about our next ‘Into the Spotlight’ competition. Be sure to have a look at our self-taping advice to ensure you’re well prepared to enter next time. 

Take a look at our website for the results of our past ‘Into the Spotlight’ competitions, plus our top tips for choosing a monologue.