The Spotlight Podcast: Safety, Harassment and Bullying in the Industry

A big topic on today's Spotlight Podcast: Addressing safety and harassment in our industry

On this big episode of the Spotlight Podcast, we discuss safety, harassment and bullying in our industry. Joining us, we have Maureen Beattie, performer and President of Equity, Wendy Spon, CDG and former Head of Casting for the National Theatre, and Ita O'Brien, Intimacy and Movement Coordinator who has recently worked on Gentleman Jack and Sex Education for Netflix. 

This is such a huge topic for the industry, and we talk about a variety of layers within it - from the nature of acting as a profession, to the culture on set and in the audition room, to wider concerns around what is asked for and when, as well as the more detailed aspects of performing an intimate scene. 

We want to warn listeners that some potentially triggering language is used in this podcast. 

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